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Spiritual Spectacles

Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear?…

The other day during Noon Hour of Prayer Dick Mead told us about a YouTube video that someone had sent him.

A man was rushing out of his house on his way to work.  As he was backing out of his driveway he had to slam on his brakes to narrowly avoid hitting a teenage boy on his skateboard.  Then as he went to the bank someone cut in front of him in line.  He grumbled and complained that he had to wait longer.  He was just about to the front of the line, at the Grocery store, when yet another rude person butted in line.  Once again his frustration bubbled up from inside to be released in under the breath grumbling.  Later that day he was sitting down in a restaurant to eat when he noticed a very forlorn woman across the room.  He kept his eyes averted, making no eye contact with her…not wanting to have to see her pain.

Then a gentleman approached the man’s table handing him a glasses case.  Inside the case was nestled a pair of glasses.  The man put the glasses on.  Glancing over at the forlorn woman he saw a sign over her heart that read, “My husband is leaving me.”  Walking out of the restaurant he saw another person whose sign read, “I have cancer.”  Trying to turn into his driveway he had to slam on his brakes again to avoid the same pesky teenager on the skateboard.  Then he saw the sign on over the boy’s heart that read, “Would someone PLEASE talk to me.”

What a great depiction of how we can become so focused on ourselves and our lives that we are blind to others’ pain.  How many times have we missed an opportunity to be the bright spot in someone’s day?  Many of the people we work with, go to school with, carpool with, or see in Church on Sundays are carrying burdens that are tearing them apart from the inside out.  Yet we often don’t take the time to really “see them.”  Or sometimes we might see the person as an annoyance (“high maintenance”) to be avoided at all costs.

I humbly suggest that the next time someone cuts in front of us in line or cuts us off in rush hour traffic that we take a moment to remember the video.  We don’t know what is going on in that person’s life…but God does!  And if we take a moment to look, listen, love, and pray He will show us too.  Ask the Lord to help you see others through His eyes – and for Him to love them through you. 

Put on His “spiritual spectacles” so that you have eyes that see and ears that hear!



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