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A couple weeks ago I was watching a TV show about a racecar driver who was scared to drive his car in a race again.  He explained to a therapist what had happened:

He was coming up behind the leaders heading into a turn when the car behind him “bumped” him on purpose.  He saw the driver moving into position, but he was unable to move out of the way.  If he had been going 20 mph the bump might have been insignificant.  However, when you hit the 100 mph mark on the racetrack a “bump” can be deadly.  When the car behind him bumped him- he overcompensated forcing his car to spin out of control spiraling across the track to slam into the wall.  The therapist asked him, “Is it illegal for another driver to bump you?”  The driver responded, “It still happens.”

The driver’s fear of being bumped again during a race made him quit racing all together.  He wanted to go back, but each time he thought about returning he panicked.  So, he withdrew farther and farther away from the racetrack scene.

Often times, we are going through life, on our own journey, when a circumstance or a person “bumps” us from behind.  Some of these bumps happen at the low speed of 20 miles per hour.  We are able to manage them…carefully driving back into our lives.  Other times we are slammed from behind (e.g. diagnose of terminal illness, death of a loved one, bankruptcy, betrayal by a loved one, etc.)  Some of our “bumps” might seem illegal (especially when perpetrated by someone we care about), but they still happen.  Unlike, the racecar driver who saw the other driver move into position to bump him…we can be blindsided not even aware we are about to slam into a wall.

How we choose to respond to being bumped is of utmost importance.  We can choose to follow the old adage, “Once bitten…twice shy.”  We can quit trying…withdrawing from our current lives avoiding situations or even enter self-imposed isolation.  It is understandable to be hesitant to trust that you will be healed or trust another person after being wounded by someone you love.  Just like the driver, we want to stay as far away as possible from ever being bumped again.  Or we can choose to get back to our lives.  Jesus is waiting to help us overcome all our fear, doubt, and discouragement.

The good news is that the driver overcame his fear to return to the racetrack to win the race…beating the man who had bumped him.  He chose to get back into the race.

If you want to choose to get back to your life after being “bumped” please visit us at the Glennon House.  We have trained Prayer Ministers who will work with you, through inner healing with Jesus, to heal the wounds that have kept you trapped in fear, doubt and discouragement.

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