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He Bled

The other day a group of us from the Healing Ministry had the privilege of meeting All Saints Church’s new Youth Minister, Ben Riddle.  We each had a chance to explain our own backgrounds in regards to our role in the Healing Ministry.  I mentioned that I had worked with parents whose teenagers were involved in self-injury* (e.g. cutting).  They knew that as a teenager I had engaged in self-injury (cutting and burning myself), but that God had done an amazing healing in me.  The testimony of His healing in my life gave them hope for their child(ren).

Ben mentioned that he had prayed with a youth who had been involved in cutting himself.  He said he knew that God gave him the following words, “Jesus bled, so that you don’t have to.”  The youth was blessed and healed by those words from the Lord.

Over the years at the Glennon House I’ve had the opportunity to listen to teenagers and young women talk about the wounds that they’ve carried around as burdens.  Some of the things that have been done to them (or they have done to themselves) would shock, anger, and break your heart.  The reason many of them came to the Healing Ministry was because all of their ways of coping with the pain, inflicted by their wounds, had failed them.  They had lost all hope of being set free from their wounds that never seemed to stop bleeding deep inside their souls.  They were finally ready to “try” Jesus.

Some of these young people admitted that they had engaged in self-injury on numerous occasions.  For them, the pain that they carried on the inside was so overwhelming that the only way to release that inside tension was to cut themselves on the outside.  They cut to express feelings of anger, betrayal, loneliness, or emptiness; Sometimes, to punish themselves or make themselves feel “alive.”  The pain inflicted by the cutting brought them a false sense of temporary relief from the inside pain.  Unfortunately, this cutting became a pattern…an addiction of sorts…that became hard to stop.

While many of the young people had given up hope of freedom from their pattern of cutting…they had come seeking help.  That is all Jesus asks of each of us – to come to Him to ask for His help.  His healing sets each of us free from whatever wound/burden/pattern we bring to Him.

What Ben spoke is true; Jesus did bleed so that we don’t have to.  I think that applies to any wound that we are carrying as a burden.  If the wound (caused by another’s actions or your own actions) continues to bring you pain…it is bleeding.

If you have wounds that continue to bleed please visit us at the Glennon House.  We have trained Prayer Ministers who will walk beside you on your journey to wholeness.  Through inner healing Jesus will heal your memories – setting you free.

Remember: Jesus bled, so you don’t have to!

* According to 1 in 5 teenagers have purposely self-injured themselves at some time.  Self-injury is usually not a suicide attempt.  It is an unhealthy way for teenagers to cope with negative emotions.  Unfortunately, self-injury can also be viewed as “trendy” these days.

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