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Better Than A Squirt Gun

Recently, I was listening to Pastor Isaac of Summit Church in Orlando.  He told a story about his grandfather and dad.

When his dad was a little boy all of his friends were given squirt guns.  His dad went to his mom asking her if he might get a squirt gun too.  His dad’s mother explained that they didn’t have any money to buy a squirt gun.  Isaac’s dad was very sad about that.  He kind of moped around for the next couple of days.  He wanted to be outside playing with the other kids, but that wasn’t possible.

Isaac’s grandfather seeing Isaac’s dad moping…told him to mope no more.  His grandfather was a Vet so he went to his Vet bag pulling out huge cow syringe.  It had a big bulb on one end with a small opening on the other end.  Isaac’s grandfather showed Isaac’s dad how to fill up the syringe to shoot out the water.

Isaac’s dad was ecstatic when he fired the syringe.  Unlike, the squirt guns that squirted measly little streams of water once per trigger squeeze.  His dad said he could have hit a hummingbird at 50 yards with the cow syringe.  Although, he never got a squirt gun…he ended up with something even better!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’ve been disappointed when I felt like God wasn’t answering my prayers.  I’d pray for something, wait patiently, and yet I didn’t seem to see God moving at all towards answering my prayer.

When I was in school working on my Masters Degree in Social Work I often prayed that once I graduated that I would be able to continue working a couple of hours or even a day at the Glennon House.  I knew that I was going to need to have a full-time job in order to support myself which I figured would be a Social Work job.  Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed my job working for the Healing Ministry.  I guess you could say I wanted the best of both worlds.

During my Masters internship I discovered that I didn’t want to spend every day coming up with treatment plans to work with clients.  I admit…I panicked at this discovery.  What was I going to do for full-time employment if I wasn’t a Social Worker?  Everyone (Teachers, family, and friends) thought I was crazy.  After all, I only had two more semesters until I graduated – but I really felt like God was calling me somewhere else.  I just didn’t know where!

I asked my boss, Don, to pray for me about what was going on.  Of course he prayed for me, but then he did one more thing.  Something I was never expecting.  He offered me a full-time position working for the Healing Ministry! 

Against the advice of my teachers, some of my family, and some of my friends who told me that it was stupid to not get my Masters degree; I accepted Don’s offer.  While my decision made no worldly sense…I had complete peace that this had been God’s plan all along.

I had asked for a couple of hours or a day to continue to working at the Glennon House.   When I didn’t see God answering that prayer I thought He was saying “No.”  What I didn’t know was that He actually had a better plan for me.  I just needed to be patient for His answer.

If you are struggling to see God at work in your prayers – trust that He’s at work.  And that you’re going to get an answer that is even better than you could have ever imagined!

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