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Pregnant and Homeless

I got pregnant when I was seventeen. I moved into a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, his best friend, and the best friend’s pregnant girlfriend right after my eighteenth birthday.  It was not a comfortable living arrangement.  I didn’t get along with my boyfriend’s best friend or the other pregnant woman.

 Nobody pitched in to to help with bills.  My boyfriend cooked the food, sharing it with the others even though none of them helped out much with the food budget. While I was worrying about how to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table the rest of them got drunk, smoked cigarettes, and played cards.

 Two pregnant women under the same roof is difficult under any circumstance, but the fact that we didn’t like each other only made the tempers fly even more!  There was constant fighting and bickering every day.  I began fighting with my boyfriend because he wouldn’t kick them out.  I was concerned about the effect that our living arrangement was having on our unborn child.

 One day, I came home with an armful of groceries to see an “Eviction” notice taped to our apartment door.  Somehow our rent hadn’t been paid.  And there was no money in my bank account to pay it.  I started freaking out and called my boyfriend in tears.  He told me that it was no big deal; he would just move into his mom’s or sister’s home.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t move into either place with him. 

 I became more panicked as it dawned on me that I was about to be pregnant and homeless.

 The only thing I could think to do was to live out of my car until I found a place to live.  I tried to look at it as an adventure, but all I felt was impending doom descending upon me.  Our other roommates didn’t seem worried either.  They both said they had places to stay.  None of them (my boyfriend included) asked where I was going to live.

 As I packed my belongings into the trunk of my car I found the Bible that my best friend’s mom had given me.  I remember contemplating throwing it out, but something in my heart made me keep the Bible.  I don’t know if I prayed at that moment or not, but I believe that God heard my desperate cries. 

Later on, I heard the others talking about a place called BETA which was a place for pregnant teenagers to live during their pregnancy.  They didn’t think to mention it to me when I was trying to find a place to live, but overhearing their conversation filled me with hope.  I truly believe that God opened my ears to hear them talking about BETA.  I was blessed to live at BETA for the majority of my pregnancy. 

Even though I don’t remember praying while holding the Bible, I know that God listened to me as I cried uncontrollably.  I believe that He is the one who put it on my heart to not throw away the Bible.

Ten years ago, when I gave my life to Jesus, that Bible came back into the picture.  The Bible that He’d had me save from the trash fifteen years earlier was the very Bible I opened to read about His amazing love for all of us!

In one of the most terrifying moments of my life (thinking I was about to pregnant and homeless) God was right there with me even though I didn’t see Him.  Some of you (or a loved one) might be in a terrifying situation of your own right now.  I offer you the hope that God is with you even if you are having a difficult time seeing Him.  You can trust that He has a plan for you that will come to fruition in His perfect timing.

If you are in an overwhelming situation please visit the
Glennon House for prayer with a trained Prayer Minister.

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