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You Are Not Alone

 The other evening I was watching the television  show, Person of Interest.  It is about two men who use a computer program to pinpoint individuals who are in danger.  One of the men, Mr. Finch, is the “computer guru” and the other, Mr. Reese, is the “muscle.”  They work together as a team to save the individuals that the computer program has pinpointed.

In this episode the computer pinpointed NYPD Detective Carter.  Picture the following scene with me:

Detective Carter is meeting with her trusted CI (Confidential Informant) to get very important information about a mob boss.  Her CI meets her in a dark alley.  He is acting kind of cagey…his eyes furtively glancing around the alley.  Suddenly he whips out a gun and shoots Detective Carter.  The CI tells her that he found the guy she was looking for and the guy told him that he had to shoot the Detective.

Detective Carter is lying on the ground writhing in pain.  Mr. Reese comes up behind her remaining in the shadows so she can’t see him clearly.  He tells her that he is glad that she listened to him and wore a vest.  Detective Carter can’t see her savior, but she hears his voice and senses his
presence.  She knows that he is there with her.

Mr. Reese says to her, “You are not alone.”

The back story of Detective Carter, reveals that on more than one occasion people that she trusted have betrayed her…leaving her to fend for herself. Some even going so far as to say, “You are all alone on this one, Carter.”  She was forced to rely solely on herself – always alone.  

I don’t know about you, but I can relate to Detective Carter’s outlook on life.  I’ve had my share of dark alley experiences.  Admittedly they were proverbial dark alleys, but the sense of betrayal and the emotional writhing in pain was as real as it gets!  It felt like my life was ending.  I was
completely alone…trusting no one.

In one of my darkest alleys -when I found out my husband had gotten
another woman pregnant – my own unseen Savior showed up.  I couldn’t see him clearly through my pain filled eyes, but now looking back I know that somehow He enabled me to sense His Presence.

His promise to me, “You are not alone.”  And the good news is that Jesus always keeps His promises…to me and to you.

Walking through life feeling doomed to face everything all alone is a huge burden to carry.  While life here on earth might have some dark alleys in it, I have the promise that Jesus will never leave me alone.  That brings me a sense of peace and relief.

If you are experiencing a “dark alley” moment please stop by the Glennon House for prayer from one of our trained Prayer Ministers.  We are here to help you see that Jesus is with you and so are we. 

You are not alone.

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