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My Father’s Feet

As a young child, I loved to put my feet on my father’s feet. I would hold up my little hands to him so that he could take my hands to lift me up onto his feet. Then he would walk me around the room. As I giggled, he would step forwards, backwards, sideways, and in circles. Everywhere my father went I would follow.

When I grew bigger, I stopped asking to stand on my father’s feet. I’m not sure why I stopped – I just did. I know that if I’d asked my father he would have let me stand on his feet so he could direct my steps. I guess I thought I was too big to have him lead me. Or maybe I was asserting my independence…deciding that I no longer needed to follow him where he went.

At times, my walk with my heavenly Father has echoed my walk with my earthly father.

Prior to returning to a relationship with the Lord, I had been living a life of chaos and mayhem. I had been perpetually riding a rollercoaster of
emotions. Over the years I had been diagnosed with a variety of
psychiatric labels including: post-traumatic stress disorder, depression,
bi-polar, panic disorder, and addictions. My life had been totally out of control for a long time.

The first thing I did when I began my new relationship with the Lord was to hold up my hands to Him so that I could be lifted up onto His feet. I clung to His hands determined to only step where He stepped. This was the only way I knew how to leave the chaos of my life behind. I didn’t look to the left or the right; in fact, I didn’t look anywhere but at my Father.
He led…I followed.

Unfortunately, as my past grew more distant I wasn’t as diligent about
following where the Lord was leading. Sometimes, I stepped off His feet to go my own direction. My need for independence had reared its head. I decided that maybe Father didn’t always know best. Boy, was I wrong!
I quickly discovered that my craving for independence led me down the wrong roads. They were roads that would eventually lead me back to the towns of Chaos and Mayhem. And those were places that needed to be given a wide berth.

I had to swallow my pride, return to the Lord, and ask for forgiveness. Once again He reached down to lift me up onto His feet. From experience, I can tell you that it is much better to keep your feet on His feet as you walk through your life. The Lord will never lead you astray. Wherever He leads you will be in your best interest. While I don’t always understand the circumstances I have to walk through I do know that God will use every step, I take following Him, for my good in the long run!

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God
is worked into something good.
                                                   Romans 8:28 (MSG)

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