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Jesus Sets the Captives Free

An excerpt from Canon Jim Holbeck’s blog.  Click here   for entire article.

A young fellow in his early 20’s once came to see me. When I asked him how I might be able to help him, he replied that he was a Bible Study leader in his church, but in recent times had not been able to say the name of J J J J. When he could not get the word out I said, “Jesus?” He nodded. It turned out that he had been heavily involved in pornography and his mind was filled continually with all the images he had seen with a longing to see even more. He was addicted to porn. But now he saw the need to be set free.

I told him that the way out of bondage to freedom involved 4 things. The first one is repentance. God commands us to repent of all known sin in our lives by confessing it before Him, and asking for His forgiveness and turning to follow Him.

The second step is renunciation.  The word means to forsake, to cast off,  have nothing to do with. If we have tapped into supernatural powers through our own wrongful activities, it’s to say, “I’m handing all this over to God. I no longer want any part of it. I’m renouncing it, forsaking it.” It is saying to God, “I don’t want anything to do with the powers of darkness. Please set me free”.

The third step is to submit oneself completely to the Lord, so that He can do in our lives what He wants to do as He ministers to us in Kingdom power. It means asking Christ to be the Lord of every part of our lives, the past, the present and the future.

The fourth step is to pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It means asking God to fill us with His presence so that we live by the power of the Spirit of God. It means allowing Him to set us free of any wrong supernatural power in our lives, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

That is what he did in all sincerity. He repented of his sin. He renounced the powers of darkness.   As he tried to pray “Lord Jesus, be the Lord of my life” he got stuck on the “J J J J J” again.   But as we continued to pray, he struggled to eventually say loudly, “Jesus is Lord, and I want you Lord Jesus to be my Lord”.   As he said those words, he was set free. God had released him from the power of the evil one.  Some months later he brought back a Christian friend who had also been heavily involved in pornography.  He too was set free as he followed the same steps of repentance, renunciation, submission to Christ and asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Suggested Prayer:

“Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You that when You died on the cross,
You made forgiveness possible.
I thank You for the forgiveness I now have in You.
I thank You too that the cross showed Your victory
over all the powers of darkness.
I want to be free from all that may have bound me in the past.
I want to be released to fulfill Your plan and purpose for me.

I repent of being associated with the powers of darkness
in any form, whether it be through my own
personal involvement, or through the involvement of members
of my family or other people.
I renounce everything to do with the powers of darkness,
and I want nothing to do with them.
I want you to set me free. 

Lord Jesus, I submit to You as the Lord and Master
of every part of my life. 

Please heal me in body, mind and spirit by the power of your Holy Spirit.  
I now thank You by faith for the victories and release I now have in You. 
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and lead me and empower me
to live for You from this day on.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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