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Fight For Me

I’ll never forget the day that my next door neighbor’s girlfriend came running over to my house in tears…shaking uncontrollably.  It took me a long time to understand what she was trying to tell me.  Finally, I got it!

Her boyfriend had gotten high on some drugs.  He had an adverse reaction to the drugs resulting in erratic, violent behavior.  The girlfriend’s dog had just had puppies and her boyfriend was trying to kill them with a butcher knife.  He had become violent with her when she tried to save one of the puppies.

In a moment of pure stupidity, I raced over to my neighbor’s house intent on rescuing the puppies from my neighbor’s drug induced mania. Racing into the kitchen I saw him jabbing the knife into the corner by the stove as he tried to kill the puppies. I tried to use the element of surprise to snatch the butcher knife out of his hand…I failed miserably!  He turned the knife on me threatening to slice me up if I got in his way.  I must have swallowed a stupid pill that day because instead of getting out of his way I jumped in between him and the puppies.  He was now trying to stab me with the knife.

A blur of motion shot across the living room into the kitchen.  My neighbor was thrown backwards into the kitchen wall.  The butcher knife clattered to the floor.  At this point my knees gave out.  I plopped onto the floor to be immediately covered with a swarm of puppies trying to hide in my lap.

Finally, a voice penetrated my adrenaline invaded body.

My eyes left the puppies, returning to my neighbor pinned against the wall.  My husband was telling him, “I will not allow you to hurt her.  You will have to fight me to get to her!” I was shocked…I had never had anyone willing to fight for me…to risk themselves in order to protect me and keep me safe.

My husband became my savior that day.  Unfortunately, by doing that he was put in the untenable position of not being able to live up to my expectations.  He, after all, is only a man.  He was never intended to be my savior.

I believe that at the core of our Spiritual DNA we all inherently know that we need a Savior.  We know that someone outside of ourselves is going to have fight for us in order to win the emotional, spiritual, and physical battles in our lives.  We need a protector who will pin our enemy against the wall saying, “I will not let you hurt him/her.  You will have to fight me to get to him/her.”

We need to stop looking to other people to meet that intrinsic need that is built into us.  There is only One Person who has the power to be our Savior.  Jesus has already pinned our emotional, spiritual, and physical enemies to the wall.  He already fought to the death to protect us and keep us safe.

Right now, if you are overwhelmed with a battle going on in your life ask Jesus to fight for you.  He will pin your circumstances to the wall!  And He will fight!

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