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Setting The Broken Bone

I recently heard a Pastor tell of a man who had broken a bone in his leg.  Unfortunately, the man didn’t seek appropriate medical attention for the broken bone.  The bone set the wrong way – resulting in constant pain and a pronounced limp.  The improperly set bone affected his quality of life on many levels.

That man had a visible manifestation of the pain he was experiencing.  However, many of us are inwardly limping around with broken insides.  Somewhere in our past we got broken emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  Some of us decided to let our wounds heal themselves without seeking help.  And others of us went looking for help to heal what was broken.  Well meaning friends or family members might have told us to “just let it go”, “it happened, forget it, and move on”, or “leave the past in the past.”

Those well intentioned words sometimes led to our brokenness not being “set” properly.  As a result, many of us are emotionally limping through our lives in constant inner pain.

Sometimes the only way to fix broken bones that didn’t set properly is to re-break the bone.  This procedure can be extremely painful.  In fact, often the person will refuse to let anyone re-break their bone because of their intense fear of having to endure more pain.
Ultimately, it is up to the person to make the choice to walk through the pain to receive the healing waiting for them on the other side.

There are times in inner healing of our emotional, mental, or spiritual that we have re-break what was broken in us –  meaning that we might have to go back to the painful memory that caused the brokenness.  Initially, it might hurt like the dickens…and we might fight it hard.  But once we invite Jesus into that brokenness the pain begins to ebb away.

He will take that broken place inside of us healing it completely so that we are “set” properly becoming whole body, mind, and spirit.  Once He does this we will no longer limp inwardly, our burden of pain will be lifted, and our quality of life will be improved beyond measure.

If you are limping inwardly I would encourage you to come to the Glennon House for an Inner Healing Appointment with one of our trained Prayer Ministers.  Sometimes you need to go back to the past to receive healing so that you might embrace the future that Jesus has planned for you.

A life free of limping and pain – that’s what Jesus wants for you!

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