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Worship Disorder II: Toxic

A quick recap from last week’s Healing Thoughts:

“We were all created to worship.  God created us to worship Him, but we’ve chosen to worship things and other people instead of God.” 

The Biblical word for addictions is…idol.  Anything/anyone that takes God’s place as our object of worship is an idol.  Worshipping idols creates in us a “worship disorder” that ends up imprisoning us in its clutches and lies to us telling us that our idol is our savior.

Because we were created to worship we will all worship someone or something…it is in our spiritual DNA.  It is only when we choose to worship Jesus that we can be made whole – body, mind, and spirit.  Once we do that He will set us free from all our worship disorders!  

Freedom from a worship disorder (addiction/idol) can be a scary thing.  When someone has been worshiping an idol for a long time having that idol removed has the potential to make a person feel off balance.

Even though Jesus has set a person free from their worship disorder sometimes they desperately cling to that worship disorder refusing to receive His freedom.  The person instead returns to a place where they believe that they will find familiarity and comfort…their captivity.

There was a young woman who came for Prayer Ministry at the Glennon House.  Her worship disorder was relationship based.  She worked with a Prayer Minister to be set free from the shackles of unhealthy relationships.  For awhile she walked in Jesus’ freedom making wise choices when it came to healthy boundaries in relationships.  Then she ran into a situation that brought all of her relationship insecurities to the surface.  She panicked and ended up rejecting Jesus’ freedom.

She returned to her “drug of choice” (unhealthy relationships) expectantly awaiting for the “high” that she had craved in the past.  Unfortunately the only thing she received was the “crash” that follows the high.  The more desperately she sought the “high” the more rejected, depressed, and miserable shefelt.  Her worship disorder had become toxic to her.

Rejecting the freedom that Jesus had given her did not eliminate the fact that the she had been set free from her worship disorder.  Jesus had changed her in the core of her person.  She slowly began to recognize she would never again experience the “high” when she indulged in unhealthy relationships.  If she persisted in rejecting Jesus’ freedom she would run the risk of being consumed by the toxic worship disorder.

She’d come to a fork in the road that required her to make a choice.  She had to decide if she was willing to embrace the fact that she was a changed woman who had been set free or if she wanted to reject her freedom to return to the prison of her worship disorder.

With Jesus’ help she is learning to choose freedom each day.

This is a choice most of us will have to make in some way.  It might not be the same worship disorder (addiction/idol) as the young woman, but all of us haveareas in our lives where Jesus has given us freedom from our past.  We have to choose to embrace that freedom knowing that Jesus has our best interests at heart.  His freedom is always the better option.  All He asks of each of us is to receive His gift of freedom so that we might live the wonderful life that He has planned for us.

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