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Life W/O Prayer Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Do you remember the very first time someone ever gave you a box of chocolates?

I remember that I was in elementary school and that I was extremely excited.  I tore into the box, snatched out a chocolate, and popped it into my mouth.  Then I proceeded to (in a very un-lady like manner…I might add) eject the offending chocolate out of my mouth.  In pure embarrassment I probably muttered something to the effect, “That the box needed a warning label!”  I quickly learned that while all the chocolates in the box looked appetizing that wasn’t always necessarily true.

How many times have you looked at a choice set before you, thought it looked good, so you chose it without knowing what the insides (consequences) of that choice would end up being.  Sometimes when we make a hasty, uninformed choice we end up with a nasty bitter taste in our mouth as we live out its consequences.

Quite a few times in the New Testament we are told by the authors that Jesus made a point of taking time to go off by Himself to be with the Lord.  Jesus was capable of making snap decisions because He was in a state of constant communication with the Lord.  But there were those certain times where He took a pause from His life to seek quiet time with His Father.  Jesus took time to pray about the choices that had been laid before Him.

After praying, Jesus always came back peaceful and fortified able to do what God had asked Him to do.  I think the same can be true for us when we seek the Lord’s guidance through prayer.  Being fortified by prayer enables us to make wise choices that often prevent us from ending up with bitter tasting consequences.

Over the years I’ve snatched the wrong choices out of the box more times than I’d like to admit.  This has normally resulted in unfavorable consequences.  However, when I’ve paused, taking a moment to pray, about the choice I need to make I’ve ended up filled with peace and fortitude.  I’ve learned that if I have complete peace about a decision that is the choice I need to choose.  If I am still struggling with finding peace I take the time to lay all my cards down before the Lord again.  And I thank Him, in advance, for guiding me to the decision He would have me choose.

A life without prayer…is a like a box of chocolates.  All of our choices have the propensity to look appetizing, but not all of our choices will live up to that expectation.  If we simply snatch up a choice we could end up with unsavory consequences. However, if we pause to pray the Lord will help us pick the choice that will leave a favorable taste in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll choose to pray!

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