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What’s Pain Got To Do With It

If you refuse to address the wounds you bear they will shape and form
the weapons the enemy will use against you in the future.
Pastor Isaac Hunter (Summit Church)

 As a child, someone once told me that people really didn’t want to hear about others’ pain and problems so it was best to keep quiet.  I internalized that idea to mean that pain was to be kept private and probably should be avoided at all costs.  Therefore, I ignored any pain that cried out for me to address it.  I chose to ignore the gamut of signals ranging from physical to emotional pain.  And I embraced the idea of that a “strong” person was supposed to put on a good front for the public.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that the pain was my “early warning system.”  My pain was a symptom of a deeper problem within me.  Fr. Al puts it this way “…pain that is crying out in some way to let us know that there is sickness somewhere with in us…pain signals that we have something within us that needs to be healed.  It is vital to us that we listen and seek the origin that it might be healed or removed from our lives.”

Pain tells us that there is some sort of wound festering inside of us.  That wound might manifest itself physically, emotionally, or mentally, but to ignore it is detrimental to our becoming whole.  My refusal to acknowledge my pain allowed that wound to infect me body, mind, and spirit.

It wasn’t until I was a recipient of inner healing, at the Glennon House, that my inner wounds were acknowledged/addressed enabling me to experience freedom from the pain I had carried around most of my life.  Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t choose to address all the wounds that needed to be addressed.  There was still a small part of me that clung to the childhood ideology that somethings were just too awful to discuss with anyone…even a Prayer Minister.

I learned the hard way that those wounds I refused to address would become the very weapons that the enemy would use against me.  The enemy is NOT creative he will push the same buttons that he’s always pushed to get under your skin.  When I ignored the pain from my unhealed wound I opened myself up to the continuous taunting of the enemy.  He pushed my buttons over and over again – the same ones that had been pushed my entire life.

The only way to break free from this pattern was to address all my wounds so that the enemy could no longer use those wounds as weapons against me.  It can be a scary proposition to address those painful wounds, but the resulting freedom is worth it!

If you or someone you love is experiencing pain I encourage you to make an inner healing appointment with one of our trained Prayer Ministers.  They will walk beside you on your healing journey from woundness to wholeness in Jesus!

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