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Living: Eyes Open

“Living is easy with eyes closed.”
Charlie’s Tattoo

On the television show “Lost” there was a young musician who had the saying “Living is easy with eyes closed” tattooed on his arm.  After reading the tattoo I spent awhile pondering the meaning of that saying.  I then realized there was a profound truth in Charlie’s tattoo.

For a majority of my life I did live my life with my eyes closed.  It was easier to float through life pretending that things were fine than it was to admit/acknowledge that my life was spinning out of control.  I used a variety of chemicals (alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, etc) to force my eyes to stay closed shut.  As long as I kept my eyes closed life seemed pretty good on a day to day basis.

Every so often my eyes would open for the briefest of moments in which I would see the chaos that truly existed in my life.  Panic would seize me forcing me to quickly close my eyes shut so I could go back to pretending that my life was easy.  I preferred to be blissfully ignorant.  Therefore, I chose each day to keep my eyes shut so that life would have the appearance of being easy to live.

Living my life with my eyes closed shut worked up until I chose to return to my Christian upbringing.  When I welcomed Jesus back into my life my eyes could no longer remain shut.  It’s very difficult to live a lie when His truth lives in depths of one’s heart.  I began to walk through life with eyes wide open.

I admit that life didn’t seem so easy anymore.  I had to face the truth that my previous way of living, with eyes closed, had been a lie that I had continued to perpetuate by choosing to keep my eyes closed.  Living that way had also been a prison sentence that doomed me to never experiencing what it meant to be truly alive.

Once I came back to the Lord my life went from black and white to Technicolor.  I guess you could say I had my own personal Wizard of Oz moment.  Living with my eyes open means that I see everything that is really happening in my life.  I see the times that I choose to go the wrong way, the times I choose to go the right way, and the times that I get stuck not sure which way to go.

At times, I have gotten discouraged thinking to myself, “I thought being a Christian meant that my life would be easier.  Maybe I should have kept my eyes closed!”  Those thoughts last only a moment because I don’t ever want to go back to living a life that never allowed me to be fully alive and present in the moment.

For the first time in my life I am no longer trapped in a snare of contrived numbness.  That old life was miserable.  I now see that it was so awful that I thought my only choice was to keep my eyes closed in order to survive.  That was a wicked lie from the enemy!

True survival is living my life with my eyes wide open.  When I take the risk to open my eyes, I am able to receive freedom from the prison that has kept me imprisoned in a watered down version of the life Jesus died to give me.  Yes, opening my eyes might not seem like the easy way to live life.  But living eyes open is the only way to truly embrace being alive in Christ!

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