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Energy Suckers

Quite a few years ago I was listening to a teaching by Joyce Meyer.  She asked the question, “What is the fruit of your environment?” She went on to talk about whether your personal environment was producing healthy fruit or withered fruit.  She continued saying that some of our environments are overflowing with relationships/situations that are “energy suckers.”  Whenever we are around those relationships/situations we feel like we’ve had the life sucked out of us.  This results in the fruit of our environments having a withered appearance.

For some odd reason, maybe it is my whole “geek factor” kicking in, my thought pattern floated from energy suckers to leeches.  That mental transition then propelled me to do some internet research on leeches.  I found many fascinating facts about leeches.  I won’t bore you with all the details.  However, there was one fact that has stuck in my brain all these years.

Leech salvia contains a number of compounds which assists in its feeding.  One of the compounds is an anesthetic that limits the sensations felt by the host (and thus reduces the chance of the host trying to detach the leech).

I wonder if you’ve ever experienced anything similar to that in your life?  Have you ever looked back over a time in your life wondering why in the world you didn’t realize what an awful relationship/situation you had gotten yourself into?

I think sometimes at the beginning of a relationship/situation we appear to be numb (anesthetized) to the fact that being involved in that relationship/situation is sucking the energy (life) out of us.  In fact, in the beginning we might even falsely believe that the relationship/situation is beneficial to us.  It isn’t until we are thoroughly committed to the relationship/situation that we even get an inkling that something is wrong.  And by that time we pretty much feel like a withered up piece of fruit that has had the life completely sucked out of it.

I have shared this “energy sucker” phenomenon with many people over the years.  And I don’t think I’ve met a single person who hasn’t been able to share their own story when they felt like the life had been sucked out of them by a relationship/situation.  At some period in our lives we have all experienced a season when our environment seems to have been producing an overabundance of withered fruit.  During those times we have felt severely drained of our energy – mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually.

That is not the kind of environment the Lord created for us.  He wants us to dwell in environments where we thrive filled with the blessing of His energy.  In order for us to embrace that blessing we have to be willing to hand over those “energy sucker” relationships/situations to the Lord.  He is able and willing to fill those areas where we’ve leaked back up with His energy so that we will no longer be drained.*

If you feel like you are currently living in an environment infested with “energy suckers” I would encourage you to come visit the Glennon House for prayer.  Let us be the filling station where God will top off your energy tank.

* The Holy Spirit never leaks out of us…He remains constant.  But we don’t always feel His Presence because we’ve been drained of our energy by the relationship/situation.

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