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Dry Rot

Do you know what “dry rot” is?

The only reason I know is because I was blessed to grow up around sailboats.  Basically dry rot occurs in a boat when the wood used in the boat’s foundation has gotten wet and then dried.  If the foundation is treated properly with an epoxy resin dry rot can be prevented.  However, once the fungi that causes dry rot begins to grow it spreads easily.  In fact, the spores can even spread to other boats if they are in close proximity.  The insidious thing about dry rot is that it often grows and spreads hidden from sight until the foundation of the boat begins to deteriorate from the inside out.

I think a lot of us are walking around with our own personalized version of “dry rot” inside of us.  For some it might come in the form of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse.  For others it might be some form of addictions.  Or it might be a shameful burden that you’ve been carrying for years.  And for some it might be a deep, dark family secret that you have been sworn to keep.

Whatever form our “dry rot” has taken it has the potential to eat away at the foundation of our being from the inside out.  We might not even be aware that its spores have been growing and spreading until something seems to crack and break inside of us.  Then suddenly we are in crisis mode!  Often times, we don’t even know what happened to thrust us into this crisis situation.  All we do know is that something is terribly wrong and we are desperately in need of help.

Many of us choose to ignore the first signs that our “dry rot” is spreading.  We figure that “this too will pass”.  And sometimes it does for awhile, but actually it continues to spread unchecked within us.  Unfortunately, our behavior in reaction to our inner wounds has the potential to spread its spores into our relationships with others who are in close proximity to us.  Unless we get to the root of the problem we risk infecting how we interact with the other people all around us.

The good news is that there is a cure for our “dry rot!”  The Lord wants to heal all of us from the inside out.  He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds…(Psalm 147:3)  We have the promise that God can cure whatever wounds ail us – even our “dry rot.”

If you are looking for the cure for your “dry rot” I encourage you to call the Glennon House to set up an appointment with one of our trained Prayer Ministers.  They will walk with you as you receive the Lord’s healing so that you might be made whole from the inside out.

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