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Daily Choices

“Everyone has their own destiny.  Not everyone makes the
choice to follow it.”
Logan from the movie The Lucky One

Every summer at camp Winona, the campers would participate in a Scavenger Hunt.  One particular summer the hardest item to acquire on the Scavenger Hunt was some fur from my family’s Basset Hound, Stormy.  Now he, was a quirky dog on a good day.  On a not so good day he was down right beastly!  The day of the Scavenger Hunt rated high up on the “not so good day” scale.

Many of the campers wisely chose to search around the outside of our cabin for tufts of stray fur from Stormy.  They were rewarded for their wise choice with some easily procured fur. Unfortunately, one of the campers chose to sneak into our cabin where Stormy was taking a nap to acquire the fur.  He was rewarded for his unwise choice with a chunk taken out of his knee cap by the teeth of my very aggravated Basset Hound.

That camper learned a lesson the hard way that day – every choice that is made results in a consequence.  His unwise choice resulted in an unfavorable consequence that entailed an Emergency Room visit and stitches.  Needless to say, from that day forth he chose to steer clear of our cabin and of Stormy.

While most of us probably wouldn’t have made the choice to sneak up on a sleeping dog to steal some of his fur, we’ve all made some not so wise choices in our life at one time or another.  The point is that each day we are faced with numerous choices that have to be made.  Some are split second decisions and others we can take time to contemplate.  But there is always a choice.

When I chose to rededicate my life to the Lord over 10 years ago, I made the choice to partner with the Lord to change my old behavior patterns.  Prior to that time I was the Queen of Poor Choices.  It seemed like if there was a worst choice to be made…I would make it.  I went from one horrific consequence to another constantly in crisis mode.  The more terrible the consequences got the more unwise my choices became.  I was trapped in a vicious cycle.

Choosing the Lord, broke the vicious cycle in my life.  I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel.  For a time I believed that since I had chosen the Lord my choosing days were over.  Then I realized that each day I have to choose to follow the Lord.  It isn’t a one time deal.  Each day I am given choices, I have to prayerfully consider which choice will have me follow the Lord’s plan (destiny) for my life and which one is simply me following my own plan (destiny) for my life.

Some days I make wise choices…other days not so wise.  The consequences of my “not so wise” choices are almost always accompanied by some sort of painful result.  While I might not have my knee cap attacked by an angry dog, I will definitely feel the pain in some manner in my body, mind, or spirit.

My goal is to regularly choose to follow the destiny that the Lord has for me so that I might fulfill the plans that He has for my life.  That means that I need to make wise daily choices.  My prayer is that I will listen for the Lord’s voice choosing what He would have me choose.

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