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You Live What You Love

Last night in our Bible Study, The Law of Love by Beth Moore, she said a statement that echoed in my heart.

 “You live, what you love.”

That is a profound statement if I’ve ever heard one!  She was stressing the point that it is only when we are loving God, that we truly live for Him.  If we try to live for Him sans love…it just won’t work!

As that statement bounced around in my overactive brain, I thought back to the people/things I’ve “loved” in my life.  And how my loving them…living for them…kept me distracted from loving and living for God.  It is oh so easy to be sidetracked from our relationship with Him.

A large portion of my life I have been intent on over-loving others.  I was a true people pleaser putting everybody else’s wants/needs before my own
because I didn’t think I was worthy of having my wants/needs met.  That mindset of mine led to me being a doormat for many people over the years.  Once the person learned that I would neglect my own needs to provide for theirs it was a difficult temptation for them to resist.  The results from this period of my life were that I became financially burdened, I neglected my own health, and my self-esteem plummeted dangerously close to extinction.

My over-loving others led me to live every day of my life for them instead of myself.  I was a true example of Beth’s statement: “You live, what you love.”

Once that cycle of living for others begins it can be very difficult to break free.  It wasn’t until I read:  And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength (Deuteronomy 6:5) that I got a clue about how off track I had wandered.  I had been going about the whole relationship thing all wrong!

I’m still learning to fully embrace the idea that when I love God with every ounce of my being – then I will be living for Him.  When I truly live my life for Him I will be set free from those unhealthy relationships (with people/things).  In essence loving God helps me to appropriately love myself which in turn enables me to have a healthy love for others.  A love that is no longer all consuming, desperate, manipulative, and/or detrimental.

It is really quite simple:   Loving God = Living for God

This has not happened overnight for me.  I am still in the process of loving God…living for God…in every area of my life.  What I can tell you is that if you are willing to try to love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all of your strength He will honor that.

He has in my life…

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