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Start getting rid of things that aren’t bearing fruit in your life.
Beth Moore

HandPrunerOver the past couple of years I have moved a few times.  The first time I moved from a one bedroom apartment into one room that I rented in a house.  Then I moved from that one room to a two bedroom apartment.  And my last move was from that two bedroom apartment back into the one room again.

Needless to say, I’ve had to downsize and upsize during these moves.  The first time I moved, I painstakingly went through all of the stuff I had collected over the years.  I boxed stuff up that I didn’t think I would need in the immediate future.  These boxes I put in storage.  I took with me only the items that I felt were of utmost importance.

When I moved into the two bedroom apartment I took some of the stuff that had been in storage with me.  However, many of the stored items remained in storage because I still didn’t need them in my larger living space.

When I had to downsize again I decided I needed to take the extra time to go through all of my worldly belongings (including what was in storage) to see what I used and what I hadn’t used for the past couple of years.  I was quite shocked to see that I had gotten along just fine without a majority of my belongings.  Basically, all they were doing was sitting in storage collecting dust.  I figured that somebody somewhere probably needed my unused stuff way more that I did.  So I donated some of my belongings and sold the rest in a garage sale.

All my moving forced me to “prune” my belongings – so to speak.  I got rid of what was unused.  And anything that I used on a regular basis (that was “bearing fruit”) I kept.

This pruning, in regards to my belongings, made me contemplate the idea that there were probably other areas of my life physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually that needed to undergo the same process.  I began to prayerfully consider what areas of my life were bearing fruit and what areas were simply dead fruit collecting dust.

While pruning isn’t always comfortable (especially if we are attached to the certain behaviors, ideas, and relationships being pruned) in the long run we will benefit from it.  This is one of those times that we have to choose to trust that God knows what He is doing when He prunes stuff out of our lives.

I’ve learned to trust God because whatever He decides to prune out allows for the growth of the things that He wants to bear fruit in my life.  And He knows what I need (and will need) in my life much more than I do!

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