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Heart Wide Open

Loving with your heart wide open…

 Those words came to me once during a time of prayer.  I don’t know if I read them somewhere, heard them somewhere, or if the Lord simply imprinted them onto my heart.  What I do know is that those words made me think deeply about the idea of loving “with my heart wide open.”Heartwideopen

Most of my life, my choices for loving/trusting people were never all that great!  If there was a person who shouldn’t be loved/trusted that was the person I chose to love/trust.  This created a pattern of people letting me down over and over again.  The consequence of this behavior flaw of mine was that I learned (the hard way) not to trust people…especially men.

In desperation, I erected a wall around my heart swearing that I would never love/trust another person again.  When we make inner vows like that we are bound to become isolated and alone.  And that’s exactly what happened to me.  Every once and awhile I ran into a person who tried to love me – to break through the wall around my heart – but I refused to let them in.

After a time, I forgot how to love…I forgot how to be loved.

Then my life led me back to the Lord.  And I encountered the scariest love/trust situation I had ever experienced.  If I truly wanted to be in a
relationship with the Lord I was going to have love/trust Someone I couldn’t see with my eyes.  If I couldn’t trust someone I could see, touch, and
audibly hear.  How could I ever trust Someone I couldn’t?  This seemed near to impossible for a woman like me who only dealt in tangibles.

Stone by stone the Lord gently broke through the wall I had erected around my heart.  He loved me through the people He placed in my life, the healings He did in my life, and the words He spoke to me through the Bible.  His “love/trust” track record in my life was impeccable.

Yet, I still insisted on keeping a part of my heart to myself.  I was NOT loving with my heart wide open.

The Lord has continued to be faithful in His love for me while I stumble along trying to learn what it means to love with a wide open heart!
Some days, I do better than others.  And to be honest some days I fail miserably.  I think the important point is that I am willing to keep trying to learn to love the Lord the way He loves me.  All I have to do is look at the way He loves me, especially during the times when I am at my most un-loveable, to see what it means to love with a heart wide open.

My prayer is that one day I will learn to be a true example of a person who loves with my heart wide open!!!  How about you…are you ready to love the Lord with your heart wide open???

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