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Re-gifting.  Most of us have done it one time or another.  Sometimes, we’ve even made the mistake of re-gifting a gift to the person who originally gave us the gift.

I believe that re-gifting has been given a bum rap.  There is the idea that only gifts that we don’t like are the ones that get re-gifted.  Actually, sometimes items get re-gifted that we treasure deeply, but we know that another person wants/needs the gift.

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mary.  Her family was very poor.  This year they had no place to spend the night on Christmas.  Her father and mother explained to Mary that they were going to have stay at the local Homeless Shelter.  Mary wasn’t sure what a Homeless Shelter was, but she knew that staying there made her mommy and daddy very sad.

Inside the Homeless Shelter were many other families who had no where to stay for Christmas either.  There were many young children for Mary to play with which made her happy.  Mary noticed a small boy sitting off by himself.  She walked over to ask him to come play with the other children.  He shook his head, “No.”  Mary was saddened to see that the young boy was crying.  When she asked him why he was crying he replied, “My parents told me that they couldn’t give me a gift this year.”

Mary gave him a hug and ran over to her parents.  “Daddy, do you have my picture?”  Her daddy pulled out his torn wallet.  The only item in his wallet was a folded piece of paper.  He handed the piece of paper to Mary.  She gently unfolded the paper.  She rubbed the paper flat against the table trying to unwrinkled it.  She smiled up at her daddy.

Mary ran over to the little boy.  She sat down next to him.  Mary handed the young boy the wrinkled piece of paper.  She watched as he looked down at the piece of paper at the picture drawn on its surface.  He glanced up at Mary.

“I want to give you the gift my Daddy gave to me a couple of years ago.” She explained.  “It is the gift of the baby Jesus.”  She pointed to the small figure in the manager in the drawing on the piece of paper.  Mary leaned closer to the little boy to tell him the story of the greatest gift ever given. 

This Christmas Season I’m going to take some time out from all the busyness to remember the precious gift that the Lord gave to me (and you)…His Son Jesus Christ.  I am deeply thankful to my dear friend, Betsy, who re-gifted Jesus to me 10 years ago.  And I’m humbled by the opportunities that the Lord places before me to re-gift His Son Jesus Christ to others.

Jesus truly is the greatest gift ever given!

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