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The other day while reading a devotional I came across this short story that got my mind thinking:

While driving one day, a woman’s attention focused on the license plate of the car ahead.  The license plate read “B-WHO-UR.”  ‘How can I,’ she thought.  I don’t know who I am!

As I read that my heart ached for her because a short time ago that woman was me.

Somewhere, along the way I’d decided that my identity was wrapped up in the behaviors that I was participating in during my daily life.  Or the labels that were given to me by Doctors that explained my erratic behaviors.  My background is riddled with many activities and/or labels that I’d rather not admit, but those activities and/or labels were who I believed myself to be for years.

  • High School Dropout
  • Pregnant Teenager
  • Cocaine Addict
  • Alcoholic
  • Welfare Recipient
  • Food Addict
  • Relationship Addict
  • Homeless
  • PTSD
  • Panic & Anxiety Disorder
  • Bi-Polar Disorder

When I looked at that list of behaviors/labels all I saw, from my viewpoint, was a LOSER.  I often wondered if I would ever amount to anything in this life at all.

Back then, reading “B-WHO-UR” would have sent me into a tailspin of denigrating self rhetoric.  I probably would have been driving my car telling myself what a horrific “loser” I was the entire rest of the drive.

Then I came to the Glennon House where I received inner healing with a trained Prayer Minister.  As my healing advanced, I began to realize that my past didn’t have to define my future.  I did not have to carry all that baggage with me for the rest of my life.  In fact, the Lord wanted me to give Him all of my baggage so that I could walk through life as a free woman who no longer viewed herself as the ultimate loser.

That’s when I realized that the whole “B-WHO-UR” mentality is really not what is important.  In fact, it’s the wrong mentality completely.

bwhoseurIt should read, “B-WHOSE-UR.”

In other words, who you are in the Lord is what really matters!  As a child of God I embrace that fact that I am loved, forgiven, precious, invited into relationship with Him, and the apple of His eye to name just a few.  When we come to truly know whose we are the Lord transforms our brokenness into wholeness. The only way to define ourselves is to remember that we are His children and to ask Him to help us see ourselves the way He sees us – through His eyes of love.

If you are struggling under the weight of all of your baggage I encourage you to visit the Glennon House.  It would be the privilege of one of our Prayer Ministers to walk beside you as you receive the healing that will enable you to see yourself as God sees you.  So that you may know that “whose” you are is much more important than “who” you are!


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