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Rearview Mirror Life

The other day while driving I was looking in the rearview mirror as I moved over to pass a car.  Once I had maneuvered into the lane my eyes returned to look out the windshield.  I quickly thought how much bigger the windshield was from the rearview mirror.  I deduced that car designers had come to the conclusion that what lay ahead needed a larger viewing space than what lay behind.

Smart people those car designers!

That same principle can be applied to our lives.  While we need to be aware of what lies behind us to navigate through life, what lies in front of us requires more of our attention.

I spent a majority of my life with my eyes focused on my rearview mirror.  Granted I needed to do that for part of my healing to occur.  However, I clung to the past like a security blanket.  I had made a variety of inner vows based on situations and people from my past.

  • I swore I would never trust a single person ever again
  • I swore that I would never love another man
  • I swore that I didn’t need anybody but myself
  • I swore that I would hold everyone at arms length so I wouldn’t get hurt

Those are just a few of the inner vows that I made because I was continually focused on my past.  Not only did I make inner vows, but I also embraced my past behavior patterns because I was afraid of change.  Unfortunately, that kept me trapped in a stagnant life full of regrets.  I should have heeded Albert Einstein’s words, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

It wasn’t until I came to the Glennon House for inner healing that I learned that the more I was healed the less I had to cling to my past.  The Lord was healing me so that I could move into my future.  Continuing to concentrate on my past whether through my inner vows or behavior patterns resulted in me not receiving the fullness of the Lord’s gift of healing.

The inner vows I had made also interfered with my ability to fully trust and love Jesus.  When I realized that my past was prohibiting me from deepening my relationship with the Lord I asked Canon Jim Holbeck to pray with me to break those inner vows.  We prayed through each of those inner vows breaking them so that I was free to move forward in my relationship with the Lord and with other people.

rear-view-mirrorGod wants us healed so that we might move forward into the life He has designed specifically for each of us.  If we are desperately keeping our eyes focused on our rearview mirror life we risk missing the amazing life that is ahead of us!

If you are tired of living a rearview mirror life I encourage you to visit the Glennon House for inner healing prayer.  Embrace the life that the Lord wants to give you so that you can see the awesome plans He has for you!


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