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Wordle Me

Recently, I found this really neat website called Wordle.  (Well, neat to me at least.)  Basically, how it works is that you paste a block of text or a website URL into the space provided.  Then you hit the “submit” button.  And voila, Wordle generates a “word picture” of your text!  Some of the words are larger than others.  Some of the words are perpendicular while others are horizontal.  If you hit the “randomize” button below your picture the fonts, colors, shapes, etc change.  However, the larger words always remain the same size.

I pasted one of our past Healing Thoughts into Wordle to create a picture.  Words like “God, Healing, Hope, Lives, and more” popped up extremely large in the picture.  As, I sat there hitting “randomize” I began to think how in our lives we have large words that seem to pop up again and again.

A few of the “large” words that have had the nasty habit of popping up in my life are:

  • Addict
  • Failure
  • High School Dropout
  • Fat
  • Loser

Sometimes those words came from the mouths of other people.  And other times the words came from my own mouth.  Along the way, I internalized the words believing that those words were who I was as a person.  In fact, I believed those words completely to the point that I never thought I could amount to anything in my life.

In the word picture of my life those were the only words I was able to see.  No matter what changes I made, by hitting the “randomize” button, those words remained the same size.  My situations altered when I made changes, but my core belief about myself always remained the same.

Through inner healing I began to slowly see changes to my life’s word picture.  Those old large words began to fade.  In their place new words grew larger – words that no longer tore me down or made me miserable.  These new large words brought me hope.  They were words that helped me to see more clearly the person I was created to be by God.

Do I still have moments where my old large words try to exert some control in my life?  Yes, but the good news is that it doesn’t last but a moment.  Then I remember that Jesus is the Word and His words about me are the only words that matter.  Those are the words that I need to choose to be the LARGE words of my life

I believe many of us are carrying around “large” words as burdens in our lives.  It’s time to stop hitting the “randomize” button.  Instead, come visit the Glennon House for healing prayer.  Let the Lord show you His Wordle Picture of your life!


Here is the Wordle Picture of today’s Healing Thoughts.  If you notice, the LARGE words are the words that I used the most in the writing today.
Just like our LARGE words are the one’s that we tell ourselves the most.

Wordle Me

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