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Our Perception = Our Reality

Quite a few years ago, I boarded a plane from North Carolina to Florida.  I wasn’t all that fond of flying at that particular time in my life.  So, my Doctor had prescribed some Valium for the flight.  I took the pill prior to take-off.  I spent an enjoyable flight talking with an older gentleman seated next to me.

When we arrived in Orlando I turned to him saying (with awe in my voice), “That light followed us all the way from North Carolina to Florida.”

The older gentleman smiled while gently patting me on my head, “That’s a good thing, sweetie, since that light is attached to the wing.”

I found the entire situation amusing.  I am now thankful for that moment of “duh-ness” because it gives me a perfect example of how my perception (the light following the plane) was my reality, but it was not actuality (the light was attached to the wing – it was not following us).perception_vase

Pastor Steve and I talked about this exact topic on last week’s Healing Thoughts Radio show.  When people visit the Glennon House for inner healing many times it is their perception that needs healing prayer.

Our perception of an initial circumstance is how our reactions to future similar circumstances are formed.  That initial perception helps to shape our individual reality.  If we continue to observe the same perception pattern repeatedly it makes our personal reality become concrete in our minds.  The problem with this is that our perception/reality is not necessarily the true actuality of the circumstance.  And therein lays the problem.

Here is an example:

A young woman grew up in an alcoholic family where her father got extremely physically abusive with her mother when he was drunk.  The whole family went into “crisis mode” the moment her father picked up an alcoholic drink.

The actuality in this circumstance was that her father did become abusive every time he had an alcoholic drink.  Her perception of the circumstance was that whenever any man had an alcoholic drink he became abusive.  Her father’s continued reinforcement of her perception by his abusiveness made her perception become her concrete reality. 

“All men who drink alcohol are abusers.”

When she got married her reality became a serious problem in her marriage.  Anytime her husband had an alcoholic drink she became petrified that he was going to abuse her and their children.  Her husband had no idea that she was terrified for her own life and the lives of their children.  Fear began to rule her life.  That fear caused problems in every area of her life. 

If you believe that your perceptions might be interfering in your life; I encourage you to come in for healing prayer.  Bring your perceptions and reality to the Lord.  He will reveal the truth, the actuality, in every circumstance.  He will heal those areas of woundedness so that you can live a life walking in the freedom of His actuality every day of your life.


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