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The Healing Power in Worship Music

The other day I was telling one of our volunteers a story about a precious time with my grandmother on the day that she died.  It was such a wonderful example of the power in praising the Lord through worship music that I thought I’d share it with all of you as well.

It was a day in May, not much different from today, that I got a phone call informing me that my grandmother’s vitals were failing rapidly.  My mom was traveling out of the state and was not sure when she would be able to catch a flight back to Florida.  I left work heading over to the Nursing Home to be with my grandmother.

When I got there the Hospice Nurse explained that my Grandmother was not coherent and her vitals had started to fail within the last hour.  This was upsetting to me because I knew my mom wanted to be here with her mother in the final hours of her life.  The Hospice Nurse and I started praying for my grandmother to hold on until my mom could fly home to be with her.  We read her Bible verses, called my Aunt so that she could say goodbye over my cell phone, and sat with Grandmother continuing to pray.

Then I had a thought.  My Grandmother had always loved music.  In fact, she used to sit in her bed listening to music waving her arms like an orchestra conductor.  I went to ask one of the Nursing Home Nurses if they had a Radio or CD player I could borrow so that I could play some music for my Grandmother.   I was told that my Grandmother was deaf and wouldn’t be able to hear the music.  I said that I knew she was hard of hearing, but I still thought she’d be able to hear the music.  I was then told that they didn’t have anything that they could let me borrow.

worship-musicI was frustrated by their response.  Then my friend Lynn called me.  She asked if there was anything that she could do for me.  I said, “Yes, can you come sing to my Grandmother with me?”  Lynn was part of the Sunday Worship Team so I knew that she’d know some worship music we could sing.  Lynn arrived and we began singing worship songs to my Grandmother.

While we were singing the Hospice Nurse took my Grandmother’s vitals again.  We were all shocked to see that she was stabilizing.  We continued singing to her knowing that she could hear us.  And we also believed that there was now hope that she would be able to wait for my mother’s plane to arrive.  The entire time we were singing her vitals remain stabilized. (I kept thinking, “I knew she’d be able to hear us!”)  The Hospice Nurse said that she’d never had this kind of “vitals” turn around happen before when someone had been in my Grandmother’s condition.

My Grandmother never became fully conscious again, but that hour or so of us singing to her enabled her vitals to stabilize for a long enough period of time for my mom to be able to get home to hold her mother’s hand, kiss her cheek, and say goodbye.

I am a firm believer that praising the Lord through worship music can open the door for all kinds of healing to take place.  If you are ever in a circumstance where you are feeling overwhelmed I encourage you to quietly start singing a worship song.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

 Acts 16:25-26

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