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Buffet Mentality

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I think for a majority of my life I’ve suffered from a buffet mentality.  I looked at life saying, “I’ll take a little of that, none of that, and I’ll definitely take seconds of that.”

This wouldn’t be bad in and of itself except that my choices have often been made from a place of woundedness.  Simply put, I took seconds of people/situations/things that were not beneficial to my well being.  Whereas, I adamantly refused to even take a small portion of those people/situations/things that could actually help me heal.

When I was a little girl we had a rule in our house that every person had to follow.  It didn’t matter if you were a family member or simply a friend. (Although, I’m convinced that visiting adults didn’t have to be obedient to this rule!)  When we sat down for a meal we had to eat what was on our plate.

And yes, that meant all those yucky vegetables.  The rule was this:  Even if you didn’t like something on your plate you had to take a “No Thank You” helping.  This rule led to me try all kinds of different foods.  It also led to many of my friends discovering that they actually liked the vegetables which were good for them.  If my parents hadn’t initiated this rule I doubt that I would be the vegetable lover that I am today.  And I know for a fact that my, “french fries are a vegetable,” best friend wouldn’t now make the best brussel sprouts recipe ever invented!

It’s too bad that I didn’t mimic my parent’s rule in my everyday life.  As an addict, I made it my mission in life to choose “seconds” on whatever my addiction wanted.  I lost the ability to make healthy decisions for myself for a long time.  I looked at life through the lens of addiction.  I was choosing all the artery clogging buffet choices.

My poor life choices resulted in a clogged up mind, body, and spirit.  When I looked at my life buffet the healthy choices seemed to be invisible to me.  I’d have moments where I had a brief glimpse of a something healthy, but then my eyes would quickly skim over and dismiss that choice as unappetizing.  It appeared that my only goal was to pile up my plate with as much junk as possible.  As you can imagine, there were consequences to my buffet mentality.

Not only was I unhealthy mentally and emotionally, but this lifestyle of mine resulted in physical problems as well.  It was the physical issues that led me to the Glennon House for prayer.  I went for healing for my physical ailments, but God had so much more that He wanted to heal in my life.  He wanted to unclog my mind, body, and spirit arteries.

If you or someone you know has been living an unhealthy buffet mentality life, I encourage you to stop by the Glennon House for prayer.  God wants to help you start making healthy choices in your life so that He can heal you and make you whole.


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