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Lately, I’ve been thinking about Christians who stumble in their walk with the Lord.  It would be nice to think that when we become a Christian that all temptations and poor choices fly out the window.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.stumbling

Many of the people who come to the Healing Ministry with prayer needs are Christians who are struggling in their walk with the Lord.  Sometimes, they’ve been the cause of their current stumble (e.g. falling back into an addiction) and other times they are simply reacting to the actions of another (e.g. their spouse has committed adultery).

The interesting thing is that many of these Christians have the notion that God will not be as forgiving towards them since they are Christians.  In other words, when they were clueless living in worldly ways, God was willing to forgive them all of their sins.  But now that they are Christians trying to live godly lives they don’t think God will be willing to forgive them for their sins.

This is a blatant lie from the enemy.  God will forgive a Christian of their sins the same as He forgives the unbeliever of their sins.  As Christians we are aware that when we choose to commit a sin it is a sin.  Whereas, when we were unbelievers we were not aware of this fact.  There is a new level of accountability for our actions as Christians, but we are not perfect and we will make mistakes.  It is only through healing that we will be able to break free from our sinful patterns and behaviors.

The Bible is filled with followers of God who stumbled while they were in relationship with the Lord.  One of the most notorious is King David.  He was a man committed to God, but he was also a man guilty of some serious sins.  Yet, God called him a man after his own heart.

The enemy would love to convince you that since you stumbled while you were a Christian, you don’t deserve to be forgiven by the Lord.  When a person believes that lie they tend to drift away from their close walk with the Lord.  Their shame, frustration, fear, or any number of other emotions becomes a barrier that they erect between themselves and God.  And often times, sin snowballs become bigger and bigger until it overwhelms them.  Trying to find their way back to a walk with the Lord becomes a daunting task to them.

The thing we all need to remember is that God is the same yesterday and today and tomorrow.  He is not going anywhere.  No matter how far you walk away from Him, He is as close as the whisper of His Name on your lips.  His greatest desire is to be in relationship with you.  Don’t let the enemy convince you that because you are a Christian you won’t be forgiven if you sin.  That’s a lie.

All that needs to happen is for you to turn away from the sin (God can give you the power to do this) and turn back around to face the Lord.  When you ask Him for forgiveness He will gladly give it to you.  There is hope.  With God there is always hope, please don’t ever believe otherwise.

If you or a loved one are stumbling in your walk with the Lord I encourage you to visit the Glennon House.  Please let one of Prayer Ministers pray for you.  By reaching out for prayer you will have already taken the first step in reconnecting with the Lord.

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