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Leap of Faith

A couple of weeks ago, my dad I were finally able to get together to celebrate Father’s Day.  I treated him to a movie.  The movie he picked was Man of Steel – the new Superman movie.

Before I go to movies, I like to pray.  I ask the Lord to show me ideas for Healing Thoughts or other writings.  I basically ask Him to reveal teachable moments in the movie.  The Lord always finds something to use…no matter the movie.

There is a scene in Man of Steel where Superman goes to see a Priest.  When Superman is leaving the Priest says, “Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, first, then trust comes later.”

When I heard that a number of memories flashed through my mind.  Especially, those memories from when I first began to walk with the Lord again.  Those times when I didn’t really know if I fully trusted that the Lord was listening to my prayers.  All I knew was that I either had to take a leap of faith or give up.

One of those flashbacks came from a time prior to me coming to the Healing Ministry.  It was a couple of years after I’d had my stroke.  I was finishing up some prerequisite courses for my Social Work degree.  I had been having a tough time physically for two or three months.  Every day, I was having cotton mouth, trouble concentrating, anxiety, rashes on my hands and other parts of my body, and pain.

I was taking both College Algebra and Macro Economics – my least favorite courses.  I was having memory issues where I would sit in class and take notes, but couldn’t remember a single word the teacher had said by the end of class.  I was so shaky physically that one of my friends drove me to class on numerous occasions.  These symptoms continued for the entire semester.

I was praying everyday asking the Lord to take all the symptoms away.  Nothing was happening.  I didn’t see a change in my physical issues at all.  I was coming to my wits end, rapidly.  I realized that I had a choice to make.  I could believe that God was working on my issues even though I saw no evidence of that.  Or I could believe that God was ignoring my prayers.

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I took a leap of faith!  I decided that I believed that God was working on my issues even though His work wasn’t visible to me.  Shortly afterwards my Doctor realized that the dosage of my medication I had been taking was too high.  And we also discovered that I had numerous food allergies.  Once we discovered this, I made the appropriate changes and my symptoms went away.

This incident was one of many that showed me that the Lord is trustworthy.  In the beginning of my walk with the Lord, I had no “reference points” on which to build my trust.  I had to take leaps of faith each time I came up against a stumbling block in my life.  As time has gone by, I’ve learned to trust the Lord more and more.

I can now remember times, like this one, when God did hear my prayers and did heal me.  Each leap of faith has shown again and again that God can be trusted.  Sometimes, like the Priest said in the movie, we just have to take a leap of faith, first, letting the trust come later.


3 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. LOL We just saw the Superman movie tonight and I was thinking about that scene also, and did a search on ‘leap of faith” ! Also, my husband is having issues like you described…thanks for your inspirations!

      1. After pondering for a day on this line I just want to reiterate again what an awesome statement this is : God was working on my issues even though His work wasn’t visible to me.
        It so perfectly sums up how dynamic the Lord is- HE IS WORKING non stop. I know when I pray hard things usually “fall into place” eventually but this was such a great modern way of wording it- plus it Glorifies the love and strength of GOD better- things just don’t FALL into place- HE is WORKING on ithem/ LOVE IT!!!

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