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Partnering with God

I was reading a devotional earlier that talked about hot air balloons and God.  In the devotional the author talked about us having to get in the basket in order to be carried by the balloon.

Since I’ve never ridden in a hot air balloon, I switched the analogy to my car which I have ridden in.  I can stand all day long next to my car, but unless I partner with my car by getting in to start the engine the two of us will remain separate entities.  Once I’ve taken the first step in this partnership, I’m faced with the need to trust that my car will do its part.

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This means that I trust that my car’s engine will start even though I don’t understand the technical details of how it runs.  I know that when I put the car in reverse it will go backwards, not forwards.  When I turn the wheel of my car, I know that the rest of the car will turn as well.  These are things that I trust to happen because they’ve happened all the other times that I partnered with my car when driving it.  I’m trusting and depending on my car’s character because it’s acted the same way time after time.

For years, I wasn’t sure if I trusted or depended on God’s Character because I’d never taken the time to partner with Him by taking His extended hand of friendship.  Instead, I stood on the outside of my relationship with Him wondering why we were never going anywhere together.  I would stand beside Him when I went to Church at Christmas and Easter, but I walked away from Him the other 354 days of the year.

This kind of relationship with God made it hard for me to truly know His Character.  I didn’t have a clue what would happen in our relationship if I took His hand because I’d never tried.  I didn’t understand God or how a relationship with Him worked. 

If I took His hand would He reject me?  If I took His hand would He really keep me safe?  If I took His hand would he really heal me?  If I took His hand would He really do what He said He would do?

Looking back I find it somewhat ironic that I questioned God’s ability to do what He said He could do, but I trusted that my car would do what it was supposed to do.  Especially, considering all the times that one of my cars broke down and needed to be repaired.  Every time, I got back into my car without hesitation believing that it would do what it had always done.

Trusting God the first time is always the hardest.  It gets easier to trust each time we make the choice to take His hand in ours.  Pretty soon we come to know that God’s Character always remains the same.  He never changes.  And unlike our cars that breakdown, God is steadfast and strong.

If you’ve been standing beside God instead of holding His hand and walking with Him, I encourage you to reach out in faith for His hand.


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