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Generational Healing

I heard this story awhile back:

It was the Holiday Season and the family had gathered for dinner.  A mother and daughter were in the kitchen cooking the dinner.  The daughter took the ham out of the refrigerator.  Pulling out a square pan she carefully cut off both ends of the ham. 

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Her mom wasn’t sure why she’d always cut off the ends of the ham before putting it in the pan.  They decided to go ask the grandmother.  When they asked her she smiled saying:

“When your Grandfather and I were first married we didn’t have a pan large enough to fit the ham so I had to cut off the ends.  It became a kind of tradition after that.”

It was a tradition that was passed down for three generations.  Although, the second and third generation hadn’t a clue why it was being done.

This humorous example of how behaviors are often passed down from one generation to another made me think of generational healing.

Some of our generational traditions are wonderful and should be passed down to the next generation.  However, there are some generational behaviors that our family line could definitely do without.

Addictions, abuse, marital infidelity are just a few behaviors that can be found running rampant through some generational family lines.  Not only do behaviors run through generations, but familial expectations can run through family lines as well.

I know a man who decided at a fairly young age that he was going to suffer from terrible headaches because his mother had suffered from them.  He waited expectantly for the onset of these headaches.  When they finally came he had a “told you so” type attitude.

Now granted he might have had a higher propensity to inherit headaches, but his expectancy for them probably played a role as well.  He was actively dreading his family heritage for being afflicted by horrible headaches.

I wonder what would have happened if he’d participated in one of our Generational Healing Services?

The wonderful thing about Generational Healing is that we can receive healing from our ancestor’s behaviors, expectancies, illnesses, or anything else that seems to be passed down from generation to generation in our families.  During the Healing Ministry’s monthly Generational Healing, we give these ancestral strongholds to the Lord so that He can set us free from those strongholds ability to affect us or our children.

If you have a family history of repeated behavior patterns, illnesses, or expectancies I encourage you to come to our Generational Healing on the Third Tuesday of the month at 5:45 pm in the Church to receive healing for your family.

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