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In the Midst of Rebellion

A couple of weeks ago, I found a service called  It is very similar to Netflix with the monthly subscriptions of DVDs sent directly to your home.  However, offers Christian movies that are unavailable from Netflix.

I saw a movie on there titled Grace Unplugged.  It is about a young woman whose father had been a “one hit wonder” rock star.  He walked away from a lucrative music deal when he turned his life over to God.  Her father then became a Worship Leader at the local Church.  Grace grew up playing with him as part of the Worship Team.  The two of them began to bump heads on a regular basis as she started to feel confined by her dad’s ideas about how she should play as part of the team.

Grace rebelled against her dad by taking off to California to pursue a secular music career.  Her dad followed her out to California to bring her home.  He tried to talk some sense into her, but Grace was determined to do things her way.  Since she was 18 years old she felt she had the right to make her own decisions as an adult.  Her dad warned her that the business was harsh and that she wasn’t prepared for how brutal the lifestyle could be to a person.

In the midst of her rebellion, a young music intern was placed in her path.  He was a devout Christian who offered her friendship.  He even gave her a book about “living your faith” as she left for a hectic road trip to promote her music single.

photo credit: pinterest
photo credit: pinterest

Having been a rebellious young woman myself, I was really able to relate to this movie on many different levels.  Most of us, at one time or another, have gone through a “rebellious” stage in our lives.  If we haven’t gone through one, we probably have had a loved one who has gone through one.

All we have to do is look back at Adam and Eve to see that humans are often prone to rebellion.  Sometimes, it is rebellion against our loved ones or authority and sometimes it is a rebellion against God.  Something, I’ve always found comforting about the Old Testament is that some of the most faithful people in there were at one time or another extremely rebellious.  Just take a look at the lives of Abraham, Sarah, or David.

What encouraged me in the movie is that God placed that young Christian music intern in Grace’s life in the pinnacle of her rebellion.  Even when she’d turned her back on God, He hadn’t turned His back on her.  In fact, He was reaching out to her the entire time through the young man.

As I look back at my own life, I too see all the times God placed people (or as I like to call them “divine connections”) in my life whom He sent to guide me and help me.  In my darkest moments of rebellion, He sent people who lit the way out of that darkness.  He doesn’t want us getting stuck in our rebellion, so He offers us a way out.  He never forsakes us or abandons us…NEVER.

If you are in the midst of rebellion in some area in your life or a loved one is in the midst of rebellion, I encourage you to look for the light that God places in your path.  He is faithful and He will reach out in the midst of rebellion to show you how much He loves you.  Your part is to receive His help so that you can be set free from your

I also urge you to give the Glennon House a call for prayer for you or your loved one.  Our hope is to offer the light of God to all who reach out for prayer and healing.


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