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Healing Equation

The other evening, I was catching up on some Bones episodes. One of the shows was about a young gymnast who had been murdered. Booth and Bones went to ask her father some questions. Her father, a Physicist, continued to work on equations on the whiteboard. Booth became agitated at his apparent disinterest in the conversation. In fact, he began to be convinced that the father had murdered his own daughter.

Bones_TV_Show_Facebook_CoverBones on the other hand argued that working on the equations was the father’s way of coping with his daughter’s death. She went back to visit the father after he’d been cleared of any charges. The father was once again working on equations in his office. That’s when Bones discovered that he’d written an equation for his daughter’s life from inception to death. The equation showed her movement from crawling, doing sommersaults, and all the way to her death on the beam.

The equation was his way of working through his daughter’s death to a place of acceptance. It was mathematical healing.

This scene really gives a great example of how each of us are unique individuals who cope and heal in very different ways. What works for you, might not work for me. God doesn’t use a healing formula or method. He individually tailors our healing to each of us.

Healing is an intimate relationship between God and the individual. He created us to be one of a kind human beings. He knows our emotions, minds and hearts. God knows our psyches have been formed by experiential memories. This gives Him the distinctive ability to touch us with healing that is uniquely our own.

If you are coping with a difficult circumstance, I encourage you to seek a healing relationship with God. His greatest desire is for you to be whole in mind, body, and spirit. He has a healing that is created specifically for you. All you have to do is look to Him to find it.
At the Glennon House, we have the privilege of being part of the healing equation in people’s lives. God utilizes the Prayer Ministers as a tool to aid in the healing process. It doesn’t matter which Prayer Minister prays with you because God can work through anyone. Please stop by or give us a call to set up an appointment. This can be the first step to entering into your healing relationship with the Lord.

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