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Flaming Heart

In my devotional the other day, there was a great quote from Mary Lou Retton:

“Heat is required to forge anything.  Every great accomplishment is the story of a flaming heart.”

I grew up spending my summers in the woods.  I know all about the logistics of starting a fire and keeping the flame burning.  I can even start one without matches.  (Well, technically, I haven’t done that in years, but I’m sure it would come back to me.)

To start a fire, without matches, you must apply enough twisting pressure to a piece of wood to create a small spark.  Once you get that faint smoking, you have to add more fuel (wood shavings, moss, etc) to get a burn going.  Soft breaths will fan the flame causing it to grow.  Once you’ve got the “starter” burning, you then place it on a pile of kindling.  The kindling is essential.  It is these small pieces of wood that allow the larger wood to catch flame.  In order to keep a fire burning, you need to have a steady supply of wood.  This wood supply is what you will use to feed the fire to keep it flaming. If you starve your fire, you will end up with a small burning ember – a fire barely left alive.

I must admit that there have been times in my walk with the Lord where my heart was just a burning ember. These were the times when I was just “too busy” to spend daily time with the Lord. I had so many things demanding my attention each day that I let my time with God slide away. I’d spend an hour or so with Him once a week at Church and then basically ignore Him the rest of the week.

I’ve come to realize that there is a correlation between the amount of time I spend in relationship with the Lord and the size of my heart fire. I don’t want just a burning ember in my heart for the Lord. I want a flaming heart! Yes, this takes some effort on my part, but it is well worth it!

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In order to create a fire and keep my heart flaming, I have to add fuel to the spark that the Holy Spirit has placed there.  Reading God’s Word, going to Church, doing Bible Studies, and being in fellowship with other believers are all “kindling” to start that burn going in my heart.  I need to stay in relationship with the Lord so that I have a surplus of kindling and wood available to feed my heart fire.

If you want to get your heart flaming for the Lord, I encourage you to come to one of our Tuesday Evening Healing Services or join us for some of our weekly activities at the Glennon House.


One thought on “Flaming Heart

  1. Great analogy – spiritual fire and earthly fire ~ Sometimes our self-effort is only the laying on of kindling and then “whoosh”, the Holy Spirit hits our wood with firestarter – like the dangerous chemical stuff the kids love to play with when using the grill!

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