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And…Loving It

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him,…and he will direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

 I was going to write a blog on wisdom, but then I did something stupid. You know, the kind of thing that makes our heavenly Father put His heavenly head in His heavenly hands and say, “Oh, my dear child”. That kind of stupid. So, writing on
wisdom was definitely out. Instead, I’m writing on faith in God. And who better to illustrate faith than Maxwell Smart, the secret agent hero from the sixties television show ‘Get Smart’.

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For those of you who may not have had the pleasure, ‘Get Smart’ was a wonderful send-up of the uber-cool spy dramas. Like James Bond, Maxwell Smart worked for a secret government intelligence organization, drove a sleek car, had marvelous gadgets and fought super-villains who wanted to rule the world. However, unlike Bond, Maxwell Smart (played by the late, brilliant comic Don Adams) was a bumbling idiot who had no business operating a can opener, much less fighting evil empires like KAOS. Only the help of his long-suffering fellow agent ‘99’ got him out of the many, many life-threatening situations he charged headlong into.

And ‘charged’ is the operative word here. Smart was woefully unprepared for his dangerous assignments, yet he barreled into them at full-steam. The bigger the danger, the more enthusiastically he headed into it. And when he was invariably
captured by the bad guys (usually sporting a phony beard and an equally phony East-European accent), he’d listen to the terrible, horrible death they had planned for him. He’d answer by saying, “And . . . loving it.”

Maxwell Smart threw himself enthusiastically into every dangerous mission, never doubting that he would prevail. Even though he wasn’t the right man for the job (in fact, he was probably the exact WRONG man for the job), he jumped into danger feet first. His unquenchable bravado often got him deeper into trouble before his trusty sidekick 99 got him out of it, but at the end of every episode, he’d thwarted KAOS, accomplished his mission and saved the world.

And here’s where faith comes in. Like Smart, there are times in life when we’re faced with our own version of KAOS—an overwhelming situation that seems impossibly beyond our skills. Maybe we are suddenly without a job, or facing a frightening
diagnosis, or unexpectedly find ourselves alone or abandoned. Or sometimes, we just do something incredibly stupid. Whatever the reason, like Maxwell Smart, if we jump in enthusiastically—always relying on our sidekicks like our Christian friends, the prayer ministers at the Glennon House and, of course, the Holy Spirit to help us
out–we can overcome any situation.

Maybe our logical minds can’t see a successful outcome, but if we trust in the Lord and listen to Him, He’s faithfully promised to direct our paths. We can depend on Jesus no matter what we’re facing, because He’s right beside us helping us through it. “And . . . loving it!”


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