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Re-gifting.  Most of us have done it one time or another.  Sometimes, we’ve even made the mistake of re-gifting a gift to the person who originally gave us the gift.

I believe that re-gifting has been given a bum rap.  There is the idea that only gifts that we don’t like are the ones that get re-gifted.  Actually, sometimes items get re-gifted that we treasure deeply, but we know that another person wants/needs the gift.

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mary.  Her family was very poor.  This year they had no place to spend the night on Christmas.  Her father and mother explained to Mary that they were going to have stay at the local Homeless Shelter.  Mary wasn’t sure what a Homeless Shelter was, but she knew that staying there made her mommy and daddy very sad.


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