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We’re all instruments played on a different day like a symphony…
~ Lyrics from “Tonight” by Group 1 Crew

Awhile back, my friend’s 10 year old daughter was in a Christian dance recital. Her group danced to a song by the Christian Hip Hop artists, Group 1 Crew. As I listened to the lyrics from their song Tonight this line stood out to me! “We are all instruments played on a different day like a symphony…” I was reminded that here at the Healing Ministry we often say to people, “Healing is not a spectator sport, you must be a participant in your healing.” I had always applied that to the specific person who was seeking the healing, but what if we broaden that statement?

Have any of you who attend the Healing Service on Tuesday evenings thought about the fact that you might be an instrument that God wants to use in someone else’s healing? You might actually be a part of the orchestra that God wants to use to play the symphony of healing for the person sitting near to you. The word symphony is derived from a Greek word meaning “agreement.” I think it is safe to assume that all of us are in “agreement” for people to be healed of whatever ails them.

God is our Conductor in all aspects of the symphony of healing. The Conductor is the focal point, the public figure, of the entire orchestra. He is the One who is looked to for all the answers. The Conductor’s lyrical arm movements control all the gentle nuances of the symphony’s tempo and dynamics. He is the timekeeper who instructs the instruments when to enter, how slowly, how quickly, and when to exit the symphony. God is the One who directs the symphony of healing, while we are the instruments He uses to aid Him in the completion of the musical score.

As instruments we only have to learn our part of the symphony, whereas God knows the entire score to the very last note. We might be directed to simply sit in the pew on a Tuesday evening, silently interceding on the person’s behalf. A gentle arm movement of God might instruct a specific doctor to be placed in the person’s life to aid in their healing. God’s hand might let us know that we are to partner with others in a prayer vigil for the person seeking healing.

We must be diligent in watching the Lord, playing only the music that He directs…not trying to invent our own symphony of healing for the person. Well meaning variations from God’s direction can create a cacophony of sound instead of the intended melodic symphony.

It is important that we realize that we can be participants in other people’s healings. We can each choose to become members of the Orchestra who play a part in the symphony of healing that the Lord is conducting in that individual’s life! This what the Healing Service is all about. Children of God coming together united in the belief that Jesus heals today, just as He did 2,000 years ago. Join me in eagerly listening to what instrument God asks us to pick up today and when He wants us to join Him in playing in the symphony of healing!

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