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Wasted Times

Back in 2011, a movie came out called In Time. It was about a world where people stopped aging at 25 years old. That sounds great until you hear that you only have one more year to live unless you find a way to buy yourself more time. The economy of this world was time driven. You got paid in hours or days. You bought your groceries in hours or days. And if you ran out of time you ran out of life.

I remember thinking, “Yikes, being a procrastinator in that world could be deadly.” It also made me take a moment to really look at how I’d spent my time over my lifespan. I had a variety of memories of both wonderful moments of time and not so wonderful moments of time in my life. I thought about the hours I spent playing as a child. I thought about the days I spent up in the woods of Maine. I thought about the months I’d spent working. And I thought about the years I’d wasted on my addictions.

If how I spent my time equaled how much time I had to live would I spend my time differently? I think I would probably answer with a resounding, “Yes!” The movie made me question how I choose to spend my time. It made me realize that it is up to me how I spend the time in my life.

I wonder – Would we spend time focusing only on all of our problems if it took hours off of our lives? Would we spend time feeding our addiction if it took years off? Would we spend time worrying about situations in our lives if it cost us time?

I spent years worrying about everything. Was I ever going to make anything out of my life? Was I ever going to have a husband and a family? Was I ever going to be happy? The more I worried the more stressed out I became about my future. Worry can eat you up from the inside out. I wasted too much time consumed by my worry.

Then I came across this Scripture: Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life. (Matt 6:27)

I realized that my worrying was not beneficial for me at all. It wasn’t adding time to my life. All my worrying was doing was stealing time from me. I needed to trade in my worry for trust. I had to trust that God knew what I needed in my life much better I did. And that He was already taking care of all my worries.

Do I still ever have worries? Yes, of course. I’m in the continued process of learning to turn over my worries to God as soon as they cross my mind. It is truly a waste of time for me to dwell on my worries. Obviously Jesus agreed that we shouldn’t spend our time worrying or He wouldn’t have said what He said about it.

I’d rather choose to spend my time on things that add quality to my life. Focusing on God instead of my worry. Spending time with my loved ones. Helping others. There are so many uplifting activities that I can do with my time instead.

If you are spending your time worrying about situations in your life, I encourage to ask for prayer. Join us for one of our Tuesday evening Healing Services where you can raise your hand for prayer. Stop letting worry steal your time. God wants you set free so you can spend your time with Him and others.

2 thoughts on “Wasted Times

  1. Such a timely post for me. Now to apply it to my life more often. I enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Much love Tom

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