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Beauty for Ashes

To all who mourn in Israel, He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair…

Isaiah 61:3


In October of last year, I began dabbling in photography.  In December, a dear friend gave me the gift of a DSLR Camera for Christmas.  I was blessed and began taking pictures everywhere I went.

I’ve learned a lot since December.  When I look back at my initial photographs, I can now see that many of them are technically flawed.  I had used the incorrect camera settings when taking the shot which meant that the photograph didn’t reflect the actual image I had seen with my eyes.  However, in my mind’s eye I could see the true beauty that had been inherent in the shot.

I decided that I wanted to edit the photos to bring out the beauty that had shone through when I looked at them with my eyes.  I’ve been working on a series of flower photographs that are technically flawed, yet are inherently created beautiful.  The series is called, “Beauty for Ashes.”

As I’ve been editing the photographs, I realized that when God looks at us He sees our inner inherent beauty.  While we might only focus on what we view as our technical flaws (e.g. mistakes, addictions, failures, etc.)  His eyes see the potential for healed beauty that He placed inside of us.

God’s idea of editing is to heal us from the inside out making us whole in mind, body, and spirit.

I spent a majority of my life only seeing my flaws.  The idea that there might be some sort of beauty to be seen in my life seemed impossible.  My flaws had become who I was – in my mind at least.  I decided that I was probably going to fail at everything that I attempted.  My track record proved me right:

  • I failed to complete High School · I failed at staying sober · I failed at every day relationships · I failed to keep a job · I failed at marriage

As far as I could see, I was a failure with a capital “F.”

Then I came to the Glennon House.  I came with the hope that maybe, just maybe, I might not fail at this whole healing thing.  As I worked with one of the Prayer Ministers, God began to edit (heal) those parts of me that I viewed as flawed.  With patience, I will never understand, He kept redirecting my eyes to the healed beauty that was inside of me.

While most of the time, when I looked at myself, I could still see the technical flaws, the Lord helped me to begin to see the potential for beauty that He’d created inside of me.  As long as I was willing to receive the Lord’s editing (healing), I wasn’t going to fail at the “whole healing thing.”  He was going to do the healing work; my job was to be a participant and receive His healing.

The Lord took what I viewed as flaws and continues to heal them exchanging beauty for ashes.

If you have places in your life that you view as technical flaws, I encourage you to come to the Glennon House for prayer.  The Lord sees the potential for healed beauty inside of you and He wants you to receive your healing.  Open your hands up to receive your own beauty for ashes.

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