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Divine Demolition

I recently read that in order to train circus elephants, to stay chained up and captive behind flimsy fences, the training process is started when the elephant is just an infant.  They chain the infant elephant knowing that it isn’t strong enough to break free.  After initially testing the bonds of the chain the infants tire – growing resigned to life on a short chain of limitations.  The elephants grow accustomed to living within the boundaries of their chained (imprisoned) existence.  Due to this conditioning, grown elephants can be restrained by a small rope because they don’t know that they have the strength to break free.


I found the whole scenario with the circus elephants fascinating!  Imagine a creature that can weigh anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 pounds restrained by a small rope – simply because they don’t know they have the strength to break free!!!

That flummoxed me.  Until, I remembered a dream I had awhile ago:

I was sitting in a prison cell curled up in a fetal position.  As I sat up, I noticed that all four of the thick cement walls lay in ruins.  Looking down at my ankles and wrists I noticed that the shackles that had once imprisoned me lay open beside me.  Long thick iron chains lay shattered on the cement floor of my prison.

I was completely free…no shackles binding me…no chains imprisoning…no walls containing me.  Yet, there I sat in the middle of my demolished prison making no move to escape.

Then I heard a soft whisper inviting me to stand up, open my hands to receive, and walk out of my life long prison ready to embrace the freedom that God had already provided for me.

I, like the circus elephants, had grown accustomed to living within the boundaries of my imprisoned existence.  My prison was a set of unhealthy behavioral patterns that had kept me shackled.  After years of trying to break free, I had resigned myself to living with the confined limitations of those detrimental behavioral patterns.  I remained a captive in that behavior prison long after the Lord had set me free because I was focused on escaping under my own strength – which was struggle in futility!

After that dream, I realized that I only had to have the strength to be an active participant in the healing that God had done within me.  He had done the hard work through “divine demolition”, but I had to stand up, receive my freedom, and walk out of my prison.

I encourage you to visit the Glennon House for a time of prayer with one of our trained Prayer Ministers who will join you as you receive God’s gift of freedom from whatever has imprisoned you.  Leave that demolished prison behind you – you are no longer a prisoner!

So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.

John 8:30 (AMP)

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