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Dead Man’s Float

thY3DDV5V1The summer camp I attended in South Casco, Maine was nestled along the shores of Sebago Lake.  The white sandy beach that kissed the Lake’s edge was my favorite hangout.  I spent a majority of my camp time either in the water or by the water – preferably in it.

As campers, at a camp on a Lake, it was mandatory that we all take swimming lessons.  These lessons were grouped into the swimming awards: Tadpole , Polliwog, and Frog.  In the Frog level not only did you receive the award, but you also became a Certified Lifeguard.

One of the requirements for the Frog level was to maintain the position called the “dead man’s float” for an hour.  You would lay face down in the water, with your arms floating in front of you, and your legs in a relaxed position with just your head and neck breaching the water’s surface.  The only time you moved your body was to inhale a deep breath.  After inhalation your body returned to a resting position.  The dead man’s float is a survival technique whose entire purpose is to conserve a person’s energy until they can be rescued.

While I only had to maintain a dead man’s float for an hour to receive my Frog award, a majority of my life was spent living in that position just to make it through each day.  For years, I operated in survival mode.  Each day I woke up to the same miserable existence that had haunted me the day before.  I got through life with my head down barely moving through the days, months, and years.  Simply taking a breath depleted my energy reserves.

I lay in a dead man’s float desperately waiting to be rescued.

Then one day I was introduced to a small group of devoted Christian women who took me under their wings.  The Lord sent them to be my rescue party.  The women hooked their arms around me, turning me over from my dead man’s position, and gently led me to the safety of the shore.

They taught me that God didn’t want me to just survive my life by drifting in a dead man’s float.  He wanted me to enjoy each day standing upright embracing the life He’d planned for me.  The Lord desired for me to be more than a survivor of life.  He wanted me to walk among the living – a testimony to those who were stuck in the dead man’s float.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a dead man’s float, repeating the same patterns of behavior again and again or if you don’t feel like you have the energy to get through your life any other way – please call the Glennon House for individual prayer with a trained Prayer Minister.

Let the Lord rescue you.  You never know – you might be the walking testimony that the Lord sends to rescue another person from their dead man’s float.

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.                                  

Psalm 118:24

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