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What’s in your Trunk


Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days.  John 11:39

A few years ago a friend of mind brought THE CAR.  Everyone has their own idea of what that is to them, but in her case it was a Ford Mustang (red of course) with a huge amount of horsepower.  She’d scrimped and saved for this car for years, and it was her pride and joy.

But, after having it a couple of months, the car started to smell.  At first the odor was hardly noticeable, but it got worse and worse every day.  At the end of four days, she couldn’t even sit in the car anymore because of the stink, much less drive it.

Finally, on the evening of the fifth day, she found out the reason.  Seems her well-meaning but somewhat absent-minded husband had used her car for a grocery run, put the bags in the trunk and then forgotten them.  One of the things he’d picked up was a carton of milk.

We live in Florida and it was the middle of summer.  Do the math.

While this story is funny for everyone except my friend (it’s still something we don’t bring up), it also made me think about the things I’ve put or which others have put into my ‘spiritual trunk’ in the past.  Disappointments and hurts.  Injustices that I should be able to shake off, but can’t.  Wrongs I just cannot seem to forgive.

Of course, other kinds of milk are purposely put into our trunks and ‘forgotten’ about—the things that we want to hide, like addictions, abuse, wounds, doubts and fear.  Sometimes, like my friend’s situation, we aren’t even the ones who put it there—it’s the result of someone else’s bad behavior.  But regardless of how the milk got in there, it’s still YOUR TRUNK.  That forgotten milk is not just going to sit there hidden forever.  Eventually, it is going to start stinking.  In fact, the smell is the way that God shows us that something needs to be healed in our lives.

At the Glennon House we find that physical and mental diseases often have their root in past wounds that have been hidden and forgotten. Through ‘Healing of Memories’, our prayer ministers gently pop open the ‘spiritual trunk’ and allow the Holy Spirit to clean out the stinky, spoiled spiritual milk.  The results are miraculous—literally.

Don’t live with a stinky life!  If you sense an unpleasant odor rising from your ‘spiritual trunk’, please call or stop by the Healing Ministry for prayer and gentle, cleansing healing.  Jesus wants to heal you—even if your trunk is packed with spoiled milk!!!!

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