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Beauty From Brokenness

There is a scene in the movie Joshua where a woman picks up a glass vase throwing it onto the floor so that it shatters into pieces.  She tells Joshua that the broken glass is how her life looks.  She feels broken and shattered.  She is hopeless.

Later on in the movie, the Priest hands the same woman a gift from Joshua.  It is a beautiful glass sculpture of a young woman.  Joshua took those shards of broken glass and transformed them into something beautiful…something whole.

Whenever I watch that scene, where the woman breaks the glass in a fit of anger, tears well up in my eyes.  I have been in her shoes.  I have felt that same sense of hopelessness as I looked at the shattered pieces of my life.  When you’re staring at the brokenness surrounding you it is very hard to imagine anything good can come out the broken pieces – much less anything beautiful.

I can remember standing in the middle of the shards of my life looking at my drug problems, my eating disorder, my inability to keep a job, my failed relationships, my teenage pregnancy, my having to live off welfare, and my psychiatric diagnoses thinking that brokenness was all there was to my life.  I would never amount to anything.  How could I?  All I had to do was look around at the shattered pieces of my life to see that there was no hope.  Why even bother trying to put the pieces back together?  Every time I did try they just broke again often shattering into even smaller pieces!

The day I walked through the doors of the Glennon House I realized that Jesus was offering me a gift – the gift of wholeness.  As I worked through inner healing with a trained Prayer Minister, I watched in amazement as Jesus gathered up the broken pieces of my life to reshape them into something new.

While my past is still my past – it no longer has the ability to drag me into a broken future.  The inner healing has set me free to become a new woman who no longer clings to brokenness without hope, but embraces my future knowing that there is hope in Jesus.

And that my friends is what Jesus wants to do with all the broken pieces of our lives that are scattered around us.  He wants to take the broken, transform it into something beautifully new, and make us whole!

If you feel like your life is broken in pieces around you, I encourage you to call the Glennon House to set up an inner healing appointment with one of our trained Prayer Ministers.

2 thoughts on “Beauty From Brokenness

  1. I heard our pastor say y one time that if folks would just realize we are all broken and this was the reason Jesus died for us.. Then life would suddenly began to make sense and not near as a burden. Great and Powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing it.

    Much love Tom

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