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About two years ago, I attended my Uncle’s Memorial Service.  It was truly a celebration of his life.  Friends he’d had for over sixty years stood up telling wonderful stories about their lifelong friendship.  As I sat listening, the memories of the times I spent with my Uncle George came flooding back.

I was probably about eleven or twelve years old when my Uncle became my tennis coach.  He coached me for almost three years.  He always saw more potential in me than I was able to see in myself.  I remember how he always encouraged me to try things on the court that I never thought I’d be able to do.  He made me laugh, he comforted me when I was weary, and he was right beside me when I got hurt.

As I looked back at that time in my life, I realized that he had played a large role during my early teenage years.  Shortly after those tennis playing years, my life got a little crazy.  I got caught up in the chaos of bad decisions losing contact with my Uncle and those memories of him.

Sitting in the memorial service, remembering the impact that my Uncle had on my life, made think about all the times God has been by my side.

I think sometimes we get so busy dealing with life and the chaos of our circumstances that we forget to remember to look at God’s hand in our lives.  I know that I’m definitely guilty of doing this on more than one occasion.  It seems so natural and easy to concentrate on the immediate problem instead of taking the time to remember God’s faithfulness from our past.

Going to my Uncle’s memorial helped me to realize that it is important to remember, on a regular basis, how God walks beside us through every minute of our lives.  He isn’t a fairweather friend who only hangs out with us when things are going well.  Jesus is our “all-weather” friend who slogs beside us during the worst storms of our lives.

The best way to overcome the here-and-now problems is to remember God’s faithfulness in the back then problems.  If we take the time to consistently give thanks to God for His faithfulness, we will find more peace in our lives in the present.

Something else that I know to be helpful is to tell others about God’s faithfulness in our lives.  We never know when our testimony will be exactly what someone else needs to be encouraged in their circumstance.

Remembering and telling others of God’s faithfulness are two practices that I am going to make a part of my daily life.  They say that it takes twenty-one days to make a habit.  I am going to make them a habit in life.  How about you?

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony Revelation 12:11


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