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A while back. I found myself at a not-so-healthy place. I was increasingly becoming aware of the junk I had in my life that needed to be trashed once and for all. My eyes were being opened to the spiritual bondage I needed to be delivered from, though I didn’t even remotely know how to get there. I found myself in a constant battle with self-control and indulgence that kept leaking into every other area of my life.

Eventually, I confided in a friend who had recently experienced breakthrough in her own life. After I was done confessing all the spiritual strongholds I couldn’t get rid of, she looked at me in the eyes as she boldly spoke out “Janae, if you really want it, you’ll get it.”

And that was that. It was the vaguest, not-so-nurturing, easy offense taking statement that cut straight to my core.  She was saying if I really wanted my healing — if I really wanted deliverance — I’d find it.
And I did. I finally found the breakthrough I was looking for, though some days it felt like I sweated blood and tears, while running in circles trying to get there. Eventually there was a release, and I’m fully convinced it’s because I was desperate. I was willing to go to any height to see breakthrough in my life, even if it cost me everything.
Desperation can be a great impetus for change.  Desperate people are willing to take desperate measures.   For example, the woman plagued by the issue of blood in the Bible.  That woman was the epitome of desperation.  She risked everything in order to get to Jesus that day.

Picture it with me:

This woman had been bleeding for twelve lingering, fearful, drawn-out years.  Due to strict Jewish law, she was forced to live a life of utter isolation.  She would have been considered unclean during this entire length of time.  By walking into a crowd of people, who were most likely bumping into each other, she was making each person unclean in the eyes of the law.  This means that she was desperate enough to risk being stoned in order to get her healing from Jesus.

After twelve years of spending all of her money seeking a cure from Doctors only to discover that they had no cure for her, she risked her life to touch the fringe of Jesus’ robe.  The law told her she couldn’t touch, yet she knew that the only way she could be supernaturally cured was to touch.  And she was desperate enough to do whatever it would take to get her cure.
Her desperate act of faith is what led her to being cured.
Not only did she get healed from her illness that day, but she came into her new identity as Jesus looked her in the eyes and said “Daughter, your faith has made you well.”  This woman was willing to go after her breakthrough no matter the cost.
It wasn’t until I was desperate enough to do whatever it took that I was set free from indulgence and lack of self-control.  My desperation drove me to walk through that time of sweating blood and tears to the freedom that Jesus had for me.  Taking that risk to reach out to touch Jesus for my healing was the best action I ever took.
So, I now ask you the same question my friend asked me that day.
“Do you really want your breakthrough?  If you really want it — no matter the time or cost –Jesus will help you find it.”  And once He helps you find your healing, He will set you free!

8 thoughts on “Desperate

  1. This is so the truth. How many times I have continued to struggle with issues in my life.Then when I really wanted it and was willing to surrender all my life to Jesus.He made it happen. Such a real post,it should speak volumes to all that are struggling. Quit struggling and give it to Jesus. Thank you for sharing with us.

    Much love Tom

    PS I will reblog this if you don’t mind.

  2. “Willing to go to any lengths” is how the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous explains it. Many times, what happens in the 12-step recovery community is that God leads people to the meetings, and in the process of getting clean/sober, they come to a relationship with God that they’d never dared to imagine.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. “If you really want it, you’ll get it.” A wonderful line–and so very true. The bottom line–how desperate are you? Thanks for this bluntly realistic and hope-filled post.

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