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Best Day Ever

This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

The other evening during the Testimony time at the Healing Service, a woman stood up telling us her testimony.  During this time, she offered up praise for her time with her grandchildren.  She then mentioned what one of her granddaughters says to her each day,

“This is the best day ever!”

I think that is a fabulous way to approach each day of our lives.  And I would love to be able to tell you that I’ve said the same thing every day, but that would be a lie.  Frankly, there are some days that I was much more likely to be heard saying, “This is the worst day ever!”

I remember reading the story in the Bible that told about the time when Paul and Silas were thrown into prison.  About midnight, they were heard praying and singing to the Lord.  The other prisoners were in their cells listening to them when suddenly there was a violent earthquake that caused the prison doors to fly open and everyone’s chains to break loose. (Acts 16:25&26)

My initial thought upon reading that story for the first time was, “Are they crazy? Why on earth would they even feel like singing when they were just beaten and in prison?” But then, I realized that it was after they were praising and singing that not only were they set free, but so was everyone else who could hear them!  I am pretty sure that all the prisoners in the jail that night were saying, “Best day ever!”

While I have never been in an actual prison, I have been a prisoner to a multitude of situations, addictions, and relationships in my life.  Before coming to know Jesus, it never even entered my mind that I should (or could) do something other than grumble and complain about those things.

I don’t believe that Paul and Silas were singing praises to the Lord for being beaten and imprisoned.  I think that they were singing praises, in the midst of their pain, because they knew that worshipping Him would set them free from their prison in some way or another. In this instance, they were physically set free, but at other times Paul was set free spiritually or emotionally from his prison instead.

Paul and Silas chose to praise the Lord while they were still prisoners.  It might not have been an easy choice, but they decided they would praise in the midst of pain.  That is a choice each of us has before us when we are in pain.
I can tell you from experience that it is sometimes the hardest choice I’ve had to make.  And sometimes, I don’t do such a great job at choosing to praise Him when I’m in the midst of turmoil.  What I have found is that if I will choose to find something, no matter how tiny it may seem, to be thankful for in the midst of pain it helps to redirect my focus onto God instead of my problem.

One of the simplest praises I’ve ever uttered is, “Thank you Lord for this moment.”  It’s nothing deep or eloquent, but God knows my heart.  He knows that at that exact moment it is the only thing I can say and He is there with me as I take the first step towards being able to greet each day saying,

“This is the best day ever!”

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