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Back at the beginning of November, Jason and I spent a wonderful day fishing on Lake Fairview.  It was the first cool day of the year.  The sun was shining with barely a cloud in the sky while the temperature was a crisp 65 degrees.  The perfect day for fishing!

I fell asleep soaking up the warm rays while the cool breeze kept me comfortable.  Jason, being the sweet guy he is, let me sleep since he knows I often struggle with sleep issues.  A couple of hours later, I woke up when he started heading the boat back to the Marina.

There was nothing out of the ordinary for the first couple of hours after we docked the boat.  Then when we were walking into Publix, I looked down at my hands which felt kind of stiff when I tried to move them.  To my shock, my hands were beet red and swollen.  I showed them to Jason and we quickly checked the rest of my body.  I was bright red from the bottom of my shorts down and everywhere my tank top had not covered.

Then as we walked around the grocery store, I began to shiver and it got harder to bend my knees to.  As we walked out to the car, I glanced down at my knees which were becoming quite swollen.  I realized that I had done a real number on myself with this sunburn.  I later found out it was most likely Sun Poisoning and I probably should have gone to the Dr. right when it happened.

The misleading part was that the sun poisoning didn’t show up right away.  Initially, I was just slightly pink in color.  It wasn’t until hours later that the full extent of the sunburn became apparent.  By the time the I could visually see how bad the burn was the damage had already been done.

I believe that the same thing can happen to us through life experiences that poison us emotionally, physically, and spiritually (e.g. betrayal, abuse, broken heart, etc.).  Often times, the damage stays dormant until a much later date when it explodes to the surface for all to see.  Like my sunburnt skin, that swelled under the pressure of the fluid from inflammation, our emotions and minds swell from the painful life experiences until we have to find relief somehow from the pain.

Addictions are often a way that we try to self-medicate away the pain that is overwhelming us. For me, I turned to alcohol, drugs, and overeating to try to alleviate the pain.  While those gave me a false sense of relief from the pain, it always came back even stronger than before.  In trying to find relief on my own, I added more pain to my already poisoned emotions and mind.

It wasn’t until, I came to the Glennon House for prayer appointments that I actually found true relief from my inner pressure and pain.  While other methods masked the symptoms of my pain, they never addressed the root of my pain.  Opening my heart, mind, and body to Jesus to heal me from the inside out was the only way that I found freedom from that pressure that dwelt within me.

If you feel like the internal pressure of your hurt and pain is building up inside of you, I encourage you to call the Glennon House for an inner healing appointment with one of our Trained Prayer Ministers.  They will walk beside you on your healing journey as Jesus relieves that painful pressure so you can walk in freedom.

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