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Splashes of Color

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.
John 1:5

For most of my adolescent and young adult years, I was plagued by overwhelming depression. I spent many days burrowed in my bed only leaving to eat and use the restroom. I existed in an almost catatonic state during my seasons of depression. I felt smothered as if there was a dark cloud pressing down on me.

Depression painted my life in monochromatic hues. Each day appeared the same, dull and lifeless.

However, in the darkest hours of my debilitating depression splashes of color would emerge in my peripheral vision. These were people who weren’t simply trying to survive each day, but were thriving in the midst of darkness. There was something amazingly different about these people who brought color with them everywhere they went. When I was around them, I wanted to be like them. For that brief instant, I saw the world around me in beautiful colors. But as soon as they left my depression haze settled upon my life again.

In College, one of these “technicolored” people lived two doors down from me. We went to the same school, had several of the same friends, lived in the same complex, but she was completely different from all of us. At parties, we were all drowning are pain and sorrow with the consumption of alcohol and drugs. She was at parties as the Designated Driver to make sure we all got home safely. Her splashes of color gave me hope during some of my darkest hours.

I will never forget the rainbow of colors that accompanied one friend who simply sat quietly with me while I had one panic attack after another. She didn’t have the words to comfort me, but she sat next to me for hours quietly offering me support by simply being there with me. Her love for me chased away the panic for several hours that day.

As I look back at those wonderful “technicolored” people, I realize now that God sent them into my life to bring His color of love to me during some of the darkest hours of my life. When my life was the most dull and lifeless, He reached out to me through those amazing women to show me what His love looked like – vibrant , colorful, alive! I desperately wanted what those women had.

I wanted to thrive, not just survive. And thanks to God’s love and healing, I am!

If you or a loved one feel trapped in depression or anything else that is pressing down on you please come by the Glennon House for prayer with one of our Trained Prayer Ministers. Let God’s love show you what it looks like to be fully alive and free! So that you can be the splash of color in someone else’s darkness as you let God’s love shine through you.

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